8 Important Things to Do Before Taking a Bahamas Cruise


The Bahamas, a country of 700 islands and thousands of islets and scenic caves, is one of the most popular destinations for Atlantic travelers. This is because the Bahamas is truly a beautiful country that is also fascinated by travelers and scientists, especially given the popularity of the famous "Blue Holes".

More than 4 million tourists enter the Bahamas each year, mostly by cruise ships. It is exciting and exciting to visit the Commonwealth of the Bahamas aboard a luxury cruise ship as trips like these are usually followed by parties, celebrations and other tourist activities aboard.

As with any type of international travel, going on a cruise to the Bahamas will require travelers to prepare properly. Below are eight important things one should do before booking a cruise to the Bahamas.

1. Obtain a passport. Upon entering the cruise ship, passengers will need to present their valid passport. Usually, cruise trips involve visits to more than one country. Therefore, the Bahamas also needed a passport to enter. The passports can be obtained from your country office passport with the government passport. US citizens 16 and older will be required to present a valid passport or a passport card while those 15 and older must be required to present an original issued birth certificate from by the Us Department of Health and Vital Statistics if a passport is not available Photocopies of birth certificates are not accepted. It is advisable to prepare a passport and an original birth certificate for each traveler.

2. Get a visa. Visa is not required for US and Canadian citizens. However, if you are from outside the United States or Canada, you may need a large number of US visas and, if necessary, a Bahamian visa (better check the Bahamian consulate to be sure). Foreign students studying in the United States traveling with a US visa must also show a valid SEVIS when traveling.

3. Prepare a valid ID. In addition to a passport and visa, travelers may be required to present a valid government-issued identification card.

4. Prepare other documents as proof of citizenship. Naturalization papers may not be accepted on the cruise line. US law of foreign residents may be required to present their valid resident card. Students must also obtain the completed form of I94 as well as a valid signed paper from the school. All documentation must be original copies.

5. Book your cruise trip. It is best to book your trip at least 3 months before your travel date to make sure you get the best price for your tickets. Keep in mind that fares are likely to increase in price as the travel date approaches and the number of available tickets decreases. You can choose to call your trusted travel agent to help you find the best deal for travel or just go to a reputable online DIY (do-it-yourself) travel site at travel. Most travelers use travel booking sites because they give customers full control when it comes to building their own travel. There are hundreds of travel sites online around the world web and most of them are owned by independent travel agents or individual affiliates of travel agencies. It is recommended to use travel agencies' websites with a strong industry experience as these companies have contact centers of experts and well trained specialists who are ready to assist you when needed. you can help with things related to your travel. Repeated travel sites and agencies also choose to have their travel partner prepared. You can be sure you will not be called by "shadey" deal providers and suppliers.

6. Notify the cruise line if you need special help. When booking your cruise reservations, it is advisable to explain any special assistance required. DIY travel sites often have a designated field (usually "comments" field) in their booking forms for special assistance requests such as armchairs, elevators and access to ramps, comfortable toilets in communal areas, and wheelchairs. When checking in, also make sure of the cruise line if your request is met.

7. Get a travel insurance coverage. Travel assurance is an important addition to any type of travel. About 70% of cruisers buy travel insurance for three reasons: peace of mind, anxiety about losing money invested in a trip, and protection against unforeseen circumstances.

8. Pack your suitcase. Check Baggage requirements on cruise line. Certain cruise lines may charge fees if you exceed the size or weight limit of luggage. Make sure you follow any applicable regulations, rules and conditions on cruise and port lines. Usually, weapons, firearms, dangerous goods, firearms, controlled substances and contraband are prohibited by local and national laws.

The cheapest cruise packages to The Bahamas are from Fort Lauderdale, as this port is very close to the country. You can choose to book a cheap fare or a package deal consisting of a cruise and hotel reservation on the island of Grand Bahama.



Travel and Air Travel Packages Guide – What Kind of Booking Strategy Is Right For You?


When reviewing the air and hotel travel packages offered by internet travel sellers, it is important that you check all the details before you book. Many of these offers are legitimate and allow for some savings. You just have to use the time to compare offers and prices to make sure you really get the most.

If airfare and hotel accommodation are your top concern, you probably don't need an "all-inclusive" package, unless you offer things you know you will definitely use, such as fast Wi-Fi and food discounts. at your favorite restaurant (s). Some "bundle" deals also include car rental, plus air and hotel. You can combine any of the two or all three if you book your trip online.

It is often recommended that you wait for a last minute deal that can be used before making a reservation. If you are not picky on dates, this may be a good option for you. If you can only travel on specific dates, though, it might be a bad idea to risk it. What if a last-minute deal doesn't explode and you're left with no reservations because you've been waiting so long?

If you can't change travel dates, booking air and hotel travel packages well in advance is a wise thing. Find out how much it costs to travel for your destination at the time of year you plan to travel. The tourist season varies depending on the location, although rates in most places are unreasonable during the winter months (except for Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year).

Air and Hotel Air Conditioning and Exclusions

Make sure you know exactly what the package is made of and doesn't include. Even a single package does not cover such things as airport luggage management, spa services, off-site activities and tours, and grocery store items. Leaking may or may not be included, so read the policy first.

Air and hotel travel packages are likely to have minimum stay requirements. It can be anywhere from two nights to seven nights. Remember this when your vacation dates are set in stone and there is no room for them. Also keep in mind that the price you present when looking at a travel package is usually determined by each person. Do the math to find out if it's cheaper than buying 2+ plane tickets that are different from the hotel room.

If you live near more than one airport, see if there is a difference in the price of hotel travel packages between all the airports you can easily access. Even if they are in the same state or region, some packages may be cheaper than others.

The easiest and fastest way to find air and hotel travel packages is to look for deals online. You can also sign up to receive alerts on all the latest deals on dream vacations, from trips to all-inclusive Caribbean resorts.



Five Ways to Travel Packages Make Your Life Better


Travel packages are not necessarily new to the travel industry. While many people are exploring the idea of ​​traveling on a more regular basis, taking advantage of a travel package deal has become a more popular way for people to jet-travel around the world.

If you want to see what traveling means to people, ask some people what they & # 39; d do if they have more time. More often than not, they'll be fine. I'd tell you they've been d travel to a place, but they usually follow it with reasons why they do not travel. Two of the most common reasons given for stopping travel preferences are time, as mentioned before, and money. Well, guess what? It might be time for these people to stop saying, "Some day", and start saying, "Well, where now?"

A travel package may look a little different depending on how your book travels. For the most part, though, this means you can book travel and accommodation. At times, a travel package can include group tours of your destination or have plans for meals and drinks as you travel. In any case, the idea behind these packages is paying a price for everything you want on your trip and that the price you pay is actually a better deal than booking everything. separately.

Here are five ways travel packages can make your life easier:

All Planning Is Done When – Nowadays, you can use technology in the form of emails and apps to get great deals on travel around the world. If you're not bad enough, though, you can try booking a hotel, boarding a plane, and tour tickets separately. Do yourself a favor and drop everything together.

Usually the Bottom – Travel experts find lower rates with packages, and this is certainly the case when they book # rates; Getting more groups of chairs and rooms booked at the same time definitely results in better pricing. In fact, a general web search will show you how much of an incentive it is beyond traditional bookkeeping.

Many Options to Choose From – The customer-driven travel industry, which means that, as a consumer, it's in the driver's seat & # 39; s. Everyone is looking for your business, which means lower prices are more likely because everyone & # 39; It's trying to frustrate the competition.

Concentrate on Your Trip – You can enjoy traveling more because everyone eats, and that feels good. Now your attention becomes part of what you see and experience rather than how you & # 39; you can stay there & where you live.

Safe and Reliable Travel – Travel packages are often rooted in regular scheduling for travel companies. This means they book these classes regularly, and this is the old hat for them. It also means that if your travel package also includes travel and sightseeing, travel, guides, and itineraries are safer and more reliable.

Travel packages are a great way to get there for people who are trying to save money and get as much as they can from their travels. This is a great way to ease the stress of planning a fight so you can enjoy the journey you always thought you could. If you haven't taken the time to see what a travel package means for your galavanting, you might be surprised. Safe travel!



Prepare to Stream to Your Favorite Destination


Traveling is always considered one of the most enjoyable and enjoyable activities. There are a lot of people, who are passionate about travelers and want to explore different destinations in the world. For everyone, who loves to travel with their family, relatives and friends, there are many options available to them, making it easier for them to plan and arrange their travels. The Internet plays a more important role in speeding up travel than ever before. Traveling online is a step-by-step process, keeping your planning going.

If you had decided on a destination, where would you like to go? When you are done choosing your destination, then you need to choose the airline, which will take you to that location. There are many companies you can confuse, but to get the most benefit from it you need to choose one that offers you cheap tickets.

Frontier Airlines and Delta Airlines are part of airline companies, which often give preference to providing attractive deals to travelers. This is the reason why they are so popular with people. There are many people, who may be thinking or thinking about traveling in Asian countries. If you are one of those people, who plan their own travels in Asian countries, then you need to explore the economics of travel in Asia. There are many travel agencies, which will plan your entire trip at an affordable price. Singapore is one of the hottest destinations for tourists. Today Singapore Airlines is one of the most recognized airlines. It offers travelers very attractive deals and has the most comfortable and safest journey on this plane.

It also has stock, cheap airline tickets for your needs. There are many well-known hotels located in Singapore that you do not have to experience the stress of finding a luxurious hotel on your own. Hotels booking worldwide online are an option, letting you know about all the hotels located in this country. You can choose the hotel of your choice, depending on your budget. The Grand Hyatt Singapore is a hotel of its own. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in this country. These are many packages for tourists. If you are looking for a small discount on hotel rooms, you need to get a complete package offered by Hyatt, which will give you the package, for the days you spend at the hotel. In such package deals, you will be able to use city-wide travel, food, entertainment and communications facilities, all integrated at a single price. And this bundle package will save you money.



Top 5 Summer Travel Deals in 2015


Tellers about all the beaches, sun baths, barbecues, swimming, sunblock and ice-creams, plus a few things that get you the perfect summer vacation image. So before planning my summer vacations this year, I first made a list of some cool summer travel destinations. Here is a list of the top five travel destinations in the summer of 2015 each with a brief description.


Barcelona is located off the coast of Spain & # 39; It's Mediterranean. It offers a stylish city life and easy access to beaches. Travelers love this place for its vibrant culture, beautiful tapas and dazzling weather. Barcelona's neighborhoods are also easily opened; you can visit them thanks to the individual FestaMejor which is a block party type with fire, lots of food and fake dragons blowing fire on the host.


Just take the name of this place and immediately come to mind that this place is all about glamor and glitz, but that doesn't really & # 39; s. Sardinia has the most amazing and beautiful scenery in all of Europe. It has an enchanting ocean, left with rich historical culture that is exciting and fun to discover.


Bali is the perfect summer destination for lovers of festivals, hikes, hiking, and snorkeling or yoga training. You can go for a gamelan concert or you can get your diving license for unlimited diving or a full day stay at the beach and evening festivities. Traveling to Bali during the months of July and August as you find the ideal weather for the visit, the monsoon season starts in November so the summers are usually dry and pleasant.


Majorca is one of the largest Balearics islands; This island offers you many accommodation options besides beach resorts. If you visit Majorca after going to Serra De Tramuntana Mountain it is a wonderful attraction to this destination and has become a world heritage site due to the amazing agriculture of the steep mountain slopes. Also visit the amazing wine bars located on this island. I am sure if you visit this place you will definitely plan to visit it again.


Perfect, pristine, with white sand and turquoise water, these are the perfect attributes of a bizarre summer destination. This area is similar to what appears in postcards, but in fact Menorca is home to such beaches. So plan a trip to Menorca because you want to spend your summer vacation here.



Budget Travel: Top Cheap Travel Tips


If you are traveling for business or for pleasure, some of your travels may be related to long distances. So, it's only natural for you to want to travel as cheaply as possible. However, besides having to compare travel comparison websites daily and waiting for a lot of deals, there are other quick ways to minimize your travel costs, whether you plan to travel by train or on the plane. Read on.

If you are planning to travel by train, the first tip you should follow is to make your reservation early. Note: some of the best train deals out there are easily accessible by booking way in advance of your actual departure date. In fact, you can still pay for a First Class ticket this way instead of just getting a Standard Class ticket a few days before your trip.

Another tip you must follow is to avoid getting on the train during peak hours. Clock times are often times the same as when people go to work and leave, and are often more expensive compared to off-peak hours.

Finally, try to figure out if you can save money by booking train tickets in parts instead of paying for a destination ticket. A lot of the time, booking a train to go from one place to another instead of stopping at other stations is more expensive, so make sure you check it out.

Now, if you are planning to travel by plane, it makes sense to go through different travel comparison websites to find the best airline travel deals there. There are also a lot of cheap planes in operation today, overall. However, you still have a good time figuring out what to include in your flight. After all, if you think about a few things, you can save a lot of money.

The first thing you need to consider is your luggage allowance. First of all: are you paying for it? If you don't know t, how much would you pay to get the same cabin and check the luggage? Also, are there any penalties if you exceed your consent?

Next, find out about boat facilities. Can you provide breaks? If you've won t, how much does it cost to eat and drink? Also, can you get free headphones for the entertainment system?

Unfortunately, travel costs should be avoided if you have a significant meeting to attend overseas or want to vacation. However, if you follow all the tips mentioned above, you will need to use the very best deals available on trains and planes, in general. Happy travel!



Choose A Vacation Time And Destination


Choosing the right vacation time can be just as important as choosing the right package when it comes to saving money. Bargain hunters need to know when a particular destination is at shoulder time. Travel agents determine shoulder time as the time before and after a tourist spot & # 39;

A source for determining a location during shoulder readings. While they do not specifically define a shoulder season, they do provide an indication of when the lowest and peak periods are. While shopping in the bargain can generate good deals on popular low-cost destinations, one cannot find a cheap deal during the retail season. Some vacation spots may have a lot of deals for a little while, though a few months later during peak spring may not be as noticeable. .

One must know that low times are a factor. For example, a typical short season for places like the Caribbean or Florida during a hurricane season. A moment of dreadful time away from the outdoors can offer a great vacation deal in a popular spot. When the weather is pleasant, prices are higher, and when the weather is threatening or oppressive people may want to stay away, so prices are better.

As one might expect, different geographical areas have different harvesting stages. For example, in global locales such as Egypt during the summer months the desert climate is inaccessible as many people are reluctant to travel there.

Timing plays a very important role when it comes to holiday travel. Winter creates a variety of bargain travel opportunities. For example, before the Christmas season, people were busy with holiday preparations and shopping and didn't want to travel. After Christmas, when shoppers face the reality of credit card bills, there may not be a place to budget for a vacation later this year so both of these opportunities will create savings opportunities silver.

Spring is also an excellent time of year to find bargains because flights to Europe are expensive and the weather is welcome. Caribbean and Mexican beaches saw a decline in prices in mid-April. At this time of year, the air and water temperatures are slow and the beaches and hotels are less crowded.

Finding a bargain in the summer is especially difficult because it is a very popular holiday season. European, Japanese and American vacationers take advantage of this season and there are usually many honeymoon trips to vacation destinations.



Steps To Follow To See The Biggest Holiday Vacation Rental


Want to get the right cruise vacation packages? Searching online from one site to another? Before looking at a dozen different websites, here are some tips to find the best cruise deal.

1. Try to be flexible with the duration of your cruise vacation

Depending on when you sail, the fare for certain trips may vary. If you choose holidays like New Year and Christmas, you may need to pay the highest rates. Sometimes prices can be twice as much as you need to pay in lesser times. So, if you choose a peak season to go on a cruise with your family, the rates will be higher accordingly.

So, when's the best cruise time ever? The autumn months are the best time for a cruise in a cost-effective way. You can always find the lowest season rates between New Year and Spring Break.

2. Go with a reputable tour company to travel for a cheap price

Not all tour companies have the exact same price. If you search online and compare the rates offered by different websites, you can easily find out. It is recommended to book through a reputable company website. Sometimes, you can even get some nice deals while booking travel companies' websites. If you are visiting a third party website, you may find a cheaper package of cruise vacations than others.

3. You can't save last minute bookings

If you thought you could find the cheapest cruise fare at the last minute booking, you're absolutely wrong. Prices are not high when you first book your cruise. Don't wait for your last minute plan. Some cruise vacation packages, when booked in advance, come with some offerings such as free food, drinks and more. If you wait until the last minute, you will not get the room you want. The best rooms are always paired in advance.

4. Choose the location of the room carefully

You need to choose a smart location because room rates depend on room type at different ship locations. For example, a single-room deck does not cost more than one higher deck. Cruise lines obviously already know which rooms you prefer and they will fix the rates.

As such, if you choose a room that is located higher on the ship, you will have to pay more. For the cheapest rate for a specific room type, the cruise line will display the lowest rate automatically.

5. Sail an older boat for a cheap cruise deal

Typically, travelers will have to pay a bit more when sailing an older boat compared to the newer ones. Older ships are especially comfortable and provide as much equipment as you need. If you are okay with sailing an old ship and do not want any greater commitment, then it is not a good idea to spend some time on an expensive new voyage.

6. Don't be surprised by cruise vacation deals

There are various tour companies that offer a steady stream of cruise deals online. These deals are the most beneficial to choose from. Sometimes they will also give you a 50% discount. However, you should not be surprised by this flow of cruise deals. It should not affect the time you book a cruise vacation package. Maybe one agreement is better than another but sometimes it ends around the same rates.

7. Booking far ahead will not save much

Since the last minute may not give you a discount, it is sure to reward you well for booking. But every time that is not true. Cruise vacation costs vary by year. For example, you will find the same costs for a September vacation package and it will continue for several months.

8. Just book a cruise deal if you find it favorable

Attempts to find the cheapest cruise deal can be a hassle for you. Therefore, it is advisable to do some studies first on the travel agreement offered. Once you get a crazy idea, you can choose the best deal. If you find a fair rate, just go ahead and book it. It is not a good idea to wait and see if the fall rates are so great or not as they can rise at any time.

Follow the aforementioned guidelines and you will be sure to find the cheapest cruise vacation packages.



How to Get the Best International Flight Deals


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Usually that step is to book your flight tickets. This is especially so if you are traveling to an international destination. But getting the most international flight deals can be a nerve-racking experience in itself. In defining skyrocketing, you may find that booking an international flight is a budget affair. As you avoid traveling, you can avoid spending large sums of your flight tickets. If you are willing to invest a little time and energy, you can save a lot of money on your next international flight deal.

We show you how to get the best international flight deal:

Compare nonstops and multi-stop flight fares

Most people want to reach their destination as much as possible. A non-stop flight that precisely serves this purpose. This will allow you to fly to your destination without rest. But nonstop flights are usually the most expensive. Compared to them, many flight stops significantly increase your travel time but are pocket friendly. To save on your international flight deal, compare the prices of nonstop and multi-stop flights available for your destination. After all, spending a lot of time traveling can be a huge expense.

Check all planes before making final call

People often confirm their international flight deal without taking into account all carriers. Occasionally search engines fail to disclose international flight deals offered by budget agencies. One way to overcome this issue is to check Wikipedia about the carriers serving your destination city. Once you know about the carriers, you can compare their prices. Keep in mind that budget agencies offer certain restrictions such as less legroom and less free food and drink. So, consider these factors before making your final call.

Consider alternative airports for your trip

The major cities around the world have more than one airport to think about. Some destinations have a second airport nearby that takes an hour or so to reach from the town. These alternative airports may prove to be cheaper without much discomfort. The main reason for considering such airports is to seek economic international flight agreements. These are often alternative airports served by passenger planes offering cheap deals. Likewise, such airports offer easy access to rental cars and lower rates of parking compared to those of the major flying destinations. Thus, alternative airports that save you big bucks on your international flight deal.

Keep an eye on when to read your agreement

The hardest part about booking international flight deals is figuring out when to stop tracking and make purchases. Keep in mind that Saturday, Wednesday and Tuesday are the best days of travel. Prices are generally good these days. Sundays and Fridays are the most expensive days to fly. Early morning flights are the most expensive. If you are confused by all of these conditions and have lost track of when to book an international deal deal, don't worry. You can still get the cheapest deal possible with reputable travel companies. A trusted travel expert can guarantee you quick bookings and low priced international flight deals along with constant customer care support.

So, book your tickets right away and enjoy a never-ending trip !!



Where to Find Airline Deals at Business Seats


Air travel can be costly and, of course, exhausting. The flight business class, however, offers the opportunity to make the most of the journey – a great way to travel and reach destinations that are vibrant and stress-free. Business-class flights are calmed by upstairs lounges, multi-course meals, Internet access, private screens and entertainment systems. Getting expert advice and travel tips can be worth the effort to find airline deals to make the flight experience the best it can be. Business travel or first class, in particular, at the price of a plane deal in a business class is very good at the Holy Grail for air travel. And there are ways to work on upgrading business class seats.

Planes & # 39; Related Websites

Planes & # 39; own websites offer many possibilities to find the lowest available fare in business class seats and they can present many fare options. One of the advantages of finding an airline agreement with a business class on airline sites is that sales are built directly on the airline. This is especially important so that when flights are canceled for easier negotiation of an alternative with an airline agent if the ticket is purchased directly with them.

Regular Flyer Miles Program

Regular flyer programs that fly with an "elite" status member offer a better chance with more options and better difficulties in getting that upgrade for an agreement with a business class seat. Using frequent flyer miles for an upgrade to a business class seat offers a better value for miles used compared to using miles to buy coach award tickets. . Inventory upgrades, however, may be limited. It is best to book as much as you can and make changes about the mid-week trip, if possible. In addition, upgrades can take days and hours before they go through — by waiting for the list.

Travel agents

Air travel professionals are travel agents with relevant experience regarding the nuances of air travel. A good and reputable travel agent can be of help to find airline deals on business class seats, especially on foreign trips with complex itineraries. Helpful agents do all the work and help eliminate the stress and inconvenience of running through endless air-rate fare websites. Also travel agents always have access to special mixed fare that is not offered directly to airlines. And knowing all the conditions and restrictions associated with a combined fare system is crucial to getting the best value.

Airline independent to Airline

Airplane-independent sites are a great resource for surveying all the aircraft offers at once. Among the most popular aircraft-independent sites where business class seats can be found are sites such as:

  • Expedia : one of the world's & # 39; s leading online travel companies that use leading technology-websites, mobile apps and Facebook pages to find destination ideas, get information on flights, hotels, care rentals, travel, and more. Expedia also offers a member rewards program with hotel price guarantees, bookings for others, and VIP room access benefits.
  • Orbitz for Business : offers a full service and fully integrated way of managing travel and spending by combining leading technology with expert support to meet the travel cost requirements required.
  • Travelocity : offers the most comprehensive travel industry guarantee. Travelocity Guarantee is the key to Travelocity's business model & # 39; guaranteeing the best air travel prices — equivalent to lower online prices or refunding the difference when a lower price is found elsewhere.
  • kayak : a tech company founded by Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz, with a variety of air travel techniques and a focus on making the best of airline travel. On the Kayak.Com website and the Kayak mobile apps on any SmartPhone or tablet, you can compare hundreds of travel sites to a comprehensive, fast and intuitive display and choose where to book.
  • Going to Cook : offers first class airline ticket negotiations and exclusive business class airfare discounts. Cook Travel offers airline savings of 10 to 60 percent off, as well as 2 for 1 discount on airfare.
  • WholesaleFlight : a boutique travel agency specializing in business discount and first-class flights. WholeSale.Com offers customer service in the personal touch of a friendly travel agency that assists in research and provides many business and first-class discount flight options.
  • OneTravel : offers a wide selection of businesses and first-class travel with a low cost fare that meets the terms and conditions, ideal for bookings only on the website.
  • CheapOair : also offers opportunities to explore cheap business class flight deals.

Other ideas

The exploitation of the known as buckets is also a great way to gain air travel savings. The more to pre-book a ticket the better the fare option. On some trips there may be over a dozen different fares for the coach, business or first class seats. However, this has always been the case, with cheaper fares, more restrictions and conditions being included in that bucket. And some ways to find a cheaper seat on the bucket fare are to change the departure time or departure a day earlier or later.

In addition, there is also a website, ExpertFlyer.Com, an independent airline website that does not sell tickets; however, the site lists all fares and rules for all travel. ExpertFlyer.Com is designed to meet the needs of frequent flyers, the "mileage" passengers program, professional travel managers, and occasional air travelers looking for the most value. . ExpertFlyer.Com is a 24/7 real-time fast air travel service and offers seat map information on specific flights showing which flights are covered or not.

Usually, the costs and rigors of air travel can be daunting. The ways these rigors can be reduced are to travel wisely. Other useful resources worth making your travel plans are websites like SeatGuru and SeatExpert-site with proven technology that offers cabin arrangements and graphic rows of seats and pros and cons for different aircraft seats.