by way of Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes is a horse race. This is of course simple, as it is the third of the "big races" of the third-grade thoroughbred, and it can be the site of the Triple Crown champion. The Belmont Championships are held in New York every June, five weeks after the Kentucky Race and three weeks after the Preakness Stakes, the first two games of the Triple Crown.

The name of the competition is from August Belmont Sr. and is the oldest of the three games that make up the elite. It was first run in 1867, but it was not until 1919 that Sir Barton became the first horse to win it. In fact, throughout history, there were only 12 winners, the most recent of which was the American Pharaoh, who won the entire socialization in 2015. His victory is thirty-seven years, so it is not difficult to understand why Belmont Stakes is nicknamed The Test champion.

Belmont's track is the longest of the three races. The track is 1.5 miles long, which means the horse has been tested for speed and endurance. The track is the first to play in a counterclockwise direction. On the track, in 1921, they also carried out the horse's paddock, which did not happen in Kentucky or Preakness Stakes.

Belmont's game is special because it is the only game that can win the Triple Crown. If a horse wins the first two games and all eyes are focused on the June competition, why do you have to rent a jet to get there on time and on your schedule? Business district?

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When you watch the winner of Belmont Stakes get his white carnation blanket, walk through the statue of the Secretariat, still the master of the fastest time in the game, think of the luxury that is waiting for you to take you home again is not very Ok? You bet it will!