Kentucky Golf Package – Reasonable and convenient

Kentucky, Blue Grass State, is known for many things: bourbon, bluegrass music, and the "world's horse capital." At the heart of this horse is Lexington, where you will find horse parks in Keeneland, Kentucky and stunning beautiful horse farms, some of which can be used for tourism. However, the most underrated reason for Lexington, Kentucky is golf! After visiting the many spectacular Lexington golf courses, you will think that it took so long to start. And because Lexington is located at the intersection of Interstates 64 and 75, it is only a day's drive from most parts of the country, especially in the Mid-North states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and even Canada!

Many of the top hotels in the state are located in Lexington and its surrounding areas, so golfers can easily plan vacations and commute between these golf courses. Lexington has nearly 15 courses and can be easily reached by a ring road that surrounds Lexington, and there are many hotel options near the golf course. Many local courses have curved grass tracks and greens, which are cooler than most Bermuda courses in the south. Such a good climatic condition results in a flawless fairway and a carefully finished putter surface. Fanatic golfers will appreciate the variety of layouts and challenges they get from Lexington's golf courses – enjoy amazing golf at affordable prices.

When the golf course is gradually decreasing and your hunger is rising, meet your appetite in one of the nearly 600 areas of eating places. Lexington certainly offers a variety of fares, but be sure to take local traditions such as the Kentucky Jockey Club or Kentucky Hot Brown. In terms of food and beverages, Kentucky is known for its legendary wineries, which produce the best bourbon in the world. Less than an hour's drive from Lexington, you can visit some wineries, including Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Manufacturer's Mark and more!

As for the weather in Lexington, you can expect to have four different seasons here. The average temperature is: spring 34-74F; summer 61-86F; autumn 36-79F; winter 23-54F. There is no long time of high temperature, cold, rain, snow or wind… so this means that playing golf all year round in Lexington is not uncommon!