Punta Cana Airport

Punta Cana Airport is not only an enthusiastic structure for visitors to the island, but also an environmentally friendly building that can return to the island's environment.

As the flight to the Dominican Republic, one cannot afford to miss the thatched roof and the open-air design of Punta Cana International Airport. The airport is designed to welcome visitors and is responsible for the environment using native designs and materials.
A modern, new air conditioning terminal is available for passengers to arrive.

Upon arrival at Punta Cana Airport, each passenger will need to purchase a $10.00 travel card before entering the customs. After picking up the baggage and clearing the customs, the passengers are usually greeted by their travel company representative and instructed to board the correct bus to transfer to their resort. The Immigration Department conducts birth certificates and photo identification of US citizens entering the Dominican Republic. This will not affect US citizens who use passports to travel. This is done to prevent illegal entry into the United States. Every international air and sea port has a computerized system. However, it is recommended that visitors generally confirm their travel documents with the nearest Consulate of the Dominican Republic.

There are direct flights to Punta Cana from many major cities around the world, including New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Paris and Buenos Aires. There are direct flights from the following airports in the United States:

– Atlanta Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport

– Charlotte

– Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport

– Manchester

– Miami International Airport [19659002] New York John F. Kennedy International Airport

– Newark Liberty International Airport

– Orlando Sanford International Airport

– Philadelphia International Airport

– St. Louis Lambert International Airport

American Airlines will fly directly to and from Philadelphia every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. The flight time is approximately five hours. Other airlines such as Continental Airlines also operate flights to Punta Cana. New York flights take approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, while flights departing from Miami are less than 2 hours. Every day, there are airports from Punta Cana to the Caribbean and the Caribbean. Most hotels are 30 minutes from the airport. You can contact the airline via toll-free number to get updated flight times. In Punta Cana, visitors can find out more about their trips from the Ministry of Tourism.