The most spectacular place for restaurants

Exquisite cuisine is not just about food. The carefully prepared fresh ingredients will provide you with delicacies, but this atmosphere makes the world's best restaurants a real experience. These restaurants offer delicacies in spectacular and unusual places.

Sani Mountain Lodge

Lesotho is a small kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. It is located at the top of the Drakensberg Mountains, at an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet. The rugged and undeveloped mountain landscape of Lesotho attracts thousands of visitors every year, and for those from the South, the Sani Pass is the only gateway. Sani Mountain Lodge is a hotel and restaurant on the border at the top of the Sani Pass. Although the cabin itself is not very modest, it is not a magnificent building, but its rustic charm is second to none. After a day on the gravel road that stretches for miles, the rich wood and leather dining room is illuminated by the sparkling light of the stone fireplace, making it an ideal place to relax. The area above and behind the horseshoe bar is stocked by the bartender's claimed currency – every country on the planet. However, this is a special point of view for Sani. The lush green valley and its plaid maze of rivers stretch out before you head to the horizon. Enjoy traditional oxtail soup and a glass of port.

El Diablo

For most restaurants, energy costs account for around 5% of the total operating budget. In El Diablo, Lanzarote, they save money by heating the grill with magma. Lanzarote is a volcanic island off the coast of Morocco. The westernmost part of the island is a national park, with geysers and lava forming an eternal landscape. El Diablo is located in a circular building in one of the many volcanoes. It has 360-degree windows and panoramic views of the volcano. The real attraction is sitting on a ventilation grille that leads deep into the earth. The volcano has not erupted in the past two centuries, but the crater still emits 450 degrees of air. You can enjoy the geothermal grilled pompano and sample a selection of Spanish wines from the restaurant.


The Maldives is situated on the Indian Ocean 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, like a string of pearls. This tropical Eden has been the preferred destination for the rich for many years, and luxury is no stranger. When they built the world's first underwater restaurant, the Hilton Hotel took luxury to a new level – or rather depth. Ithaa is located five meters below the waves and is made of transparent acrylic resin. Diners are surrounded by the rich life of the shallow sea, and you can choose from more than 1,400 labels in the Hilton's wine cellar to enjoy tuna sashimi. It can only accommodate 14 people, and it will only be about 20 years due to flooded engineering problems. If the average dinner does not cost $450, it will be one of the least profitable restaurants in the world.

Whether you are on the roofs of Africa or under the waves, visiting one of these unusual restaurants is not to be missed.