Top 10 Things to Do in Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna is a city experiencing a population dynamics growth. The lakeside community has developed into a fascinating and famous resort. The city's sandy beaches are unique and have more than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. Here are ten things to do in Kelowna

1. Lake Okanagan

Okanagun Lake extends to the coastline of most major Okanagan communities, including Vernon in the north, Kelowna in the center, and Penticton in the south. For residents and tourists, this is an amazing leisure playground. This is the ideal place for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon.

2. Dabai Mountain Ski Resort

Dabai Mountain has an average of 7.5 meters of white snow and snowfall in winter. The family-friendly resort offers visitors a variety of ski runs and winter activities. End the day with a suitable accommodation and dining center for the family.

3. Myra Bellevue Provincial Park

Although the Kettle Valley Railway has stopped working, the fun activities of the Myra Bellevue Provincial Park have never stopped. Historic trestles and tunnels have become famous trails for cyclists and hikers to maximize their fun. Myra Canyon passes through 18 trestles and there are two tunnels in the distance. Bicycle rental is available at Myra Station for tourists.

4. SS Sicamous Okanagan Heritage Museum

Located on the beachfront of Penticton is the S.S. Sicamous Okanagan Heritage Museum. It has fascinating historical and artifacts, including the S.S.Naramata Tugboat in 1914 and the S907 in 1907. Okanagan sternwheeler. The museum hosts countless visitors every day, which is an ideal place to meet up with friends.

5. Silver Star Mountain Resort

Silver Star Mountain Resort has a vertical drop of 760 metres for skiing in and out. In summer, visitors can climb the mountain and enjoy the views of the mountains, trails and cycling. This beautiful and tranquil resort is complemented by restaurants, hotels, apartments and shops where visitors can have something to eat and rest.

6. British Columbia Orchard Industrial Museum

The British Columbia Fruit Tree Industry Museum is one of the places where visitors cannot explore in Kelowna. The artifacts and information exhibited at the museum include processing, family preservation and fruit picking. The exhibit also tells how the Okanagan Valley evolved from a herd to a fascinatingly manicured orchard that exists today.

7. Summerland

Most of Summerland's townships are located on a terrace above Okanagan Lake, nestled among fruit trees. The orchard is the town's main industry and its history dates back to the 1890s. Visitors can sample samples of roadside fruit vendors on the highway during the summer or go to Summerland Sweets for a wine tasting. There are also many walking trails, benches and picnic spots.

8. Vaseux Lake Provincial Park

Vaseux Lake Provincial Park is located south of Penticton. This is a small campsite with a four-kilometer long lake. This is a harbor of birds; the Canadian goose nest and the rare Trump swan stay during the migration. This lake is also home to many fish, turning it into a famous fishing spot. Other wildlife in the park include beavers, deer, moles, and rabbits.

9. Oliver

Oliver is a small town surrounded by orchards that was established after the historic First World War, when the Canadian government compensated the soldiers who survived the irrigated land. One of the fascinating sights that visitors must visit is Oliver Town and the Regional Heritage Association Museum, which has rotating exhibits to explore the natural history of the Canadian desert, the pioneering era or the splendid mining town of the ancient mining town (1887-1906). The museum is a great place for families to start their adventures in the area.

10. Peachland

is located on the shores of Lake Okanagan, between Kelowna and Penticton is Peachland. The settlement comes from its thriving orchard and is marked as a popular tourist attraction centre. It offers a walk to Hardy Falls, a popular excursion that is suitable for disabled guests. Visitors can participate in golf, hiking, horse riding and other activities.