What food will make you jump higher? You may be surprised!

If you are engaged in basketball, volleyball, track or any other sport, you need to be able to jump higher. There are many diets that can improve your athletic ability, but I find that only one diet is effective. Here are a few aspects of the diet and the benefits of each diet.

Eat fat!

This sounds shocking for most athletes. I am not saying that you should eat a barrel of KFC every night. There is a fat that is very beneficial for speed and strength: Omega-3 fat. This unique fat is found in fish, nuts, some eggs and some whole wheat bread.

Omega-3 is important for athletes' diet because it provides actual cellular improvement. Omega-3 fat gives the body elasticity to every cell, which is a key part of preventing injury. The less time you get hurt or pain, the more you need to focus on exercise to improve vertical jumps. Omega-3 gives you the energy you need to exercise at the best possible level.

High carb!

For some reason, people like a low-carb diet. This does not work for athletes. Think of carbohydrates as gases in cars. Without gasoline, cars can't go. It is the same as our body. You must consume a lot of carbohydrates to get enough energy to improve your jumps.

You want to stay away from carbohydrates. Anything that is not 100% whole grain contains starchy carbohydrates. These starch-containing carbohydrates can be quickly converted to glucose, which only increases body fat. Eating 100% whole wheat bread will allow you to burn quickly, but with long-lasting carbohydrates and energy.

Remember, no matter what you eat, there is no solid exercise plan, you won't increase your vertical jump height.