Mac and cheese: all grown up

What was the beginning of the foodie president Thomas Jefferson? A tacky, rich pasta was found in France. He brought it back in the early 19th century and introduced his dinner guests to a delicious new mixture filled with rich cream, cheddar cheese, baked into a blister, hard-skinned perfection. The latest news from France, he undoubtedly announced his other works, including ice cream, French fried potatoes, fine wines and exotic fruits and vegetables, all of which were trained by his French-trained chef. The house in the manor kitchen (not to mention the whites) House) and the colonial gourmets dug. For southerners, homemade mac and cheese casseroles have been the staple food on the holiday table.

Once commercial production began, Kraft Foods used its massive potential for busy mothers and hungry children through mass production and boxing, placing it on the map during the Great Depression of 1937. Although many chefs still like to start from scratch, it has caused quite a stir in the packaged food, where there are sliced ​​white bread and Toll House biscuits. Despite the deterioration of the former First Lady campaign, boxed microphones and cheese are still a food storage room.

There is no doubt that it has come a long way, and some of the latest versions are simply shameless. It seems that every restaurant and chef wants to go beyond other restaurants, although there may be some (possibly) delicious changes, but the new combination may be simply weird. The following is a list of currently popular creations:

Einstein Bros.Bagels

Mac and cheese bread, bread crumbs and fried bread, a new experience for hors d'oeuvres (Trader Joe's particularly delicious

Pizza with mac and cheese appeared in several major chain stores

hamburger top or stuffed with mac and cheese

Mac and cheese stuffed with pepper

Mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich

meatballs Sandwich Slider

Mexican food (fried tortillas, burritos and enchiladas stuffed with M&C

Hot Dog M&C (with tomato sauce)

Rich homemade grilled M&C casserole lobster ( And very expensive price)

Mac and cheese with white truffles

Of course, to raise costs and (sometimes) taste levels, any cheese can be used, including Gruyere (Martha Stewart's favorite, will bring you Come about $30) /呃, but, hey, this is Martha St. ewart) and blue cheese, adding a fun and new flavor to this classic dish instead of the traditional Cheddar and Velveeta . Maybe a chunk of butter and some sour cream to raise the calories.

In a Los Angeles restaurant, add truffle oil and white wine for $95 each (you see it right). Yikes.

In other words, almost anything you can dream of, you can use your basic mac and cheese, so if you are emotional, you have to be creative. But for the purists, there is nothing better than macaroni, rich cheddar cheese sauce and butter crumbs topped with cream. It may all be grown up, but there is no doubt. Some things are better.