Charter to the taste of Chicago

The taste of Chicago began in 1980 when a group of food lovers asked the city to host a food festival. It only took three blocks a day, July 4. Their budget is very small, and the goal is to get about 100,000 people to participate, but to everyone's surprise, there were 250,000 people who participated that year, and one day was so successful, and since then it has been part of urban culture. [19659002] In 1981, they moved their party to Grant Park, a huge green space that is now hosting the annual event in July each year. Grant Park is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible from all directions. The Taste of Chicago is a free event, but now it's not just a day's business, it takes a full five days, full of entertainment, bands, kitchen presentations, dinners with famous chefs, singers, street art galleries Of course there is food. A lot of food.

In 2016, 1 million people participated in the festival, making it the largest tourist attraction in the state. This is a wonderful time, if you happen to live in or near Chicago, but what if you live far enough away from Chicago that you need to fly?

Never be afraid, because you can charter a plane for you and your party style. Why do you fly a business when you can beat the line, beat the security check and only you and your friends have enough leg, elbow, head and shoulder space on the plane?

Charter jets are cheaper than you think you can choose a different cabin configuration. You can easily enjoy the entertainment facilities on your fingertips and the most kitchens to suit your wishes. The most important thing is that you can come back according to your schedule, not the main airline, so you are free to do whatever you want. Want to participate in a five-day festival? you can do it! Enjoy all the fun in this great city, but do the style.

The taste of Chicago is not only about food, but also about the city itself, culture, traditions and great stories, so what are you waiting for! Book this charter now!