Delicious Cuban food

The Internet is a great resource for food lovers. You can find food from recipes to delivery. International food is a real treat that you can explore and enjoy.

In this article, we will explore Cuban food and provide you with simple recipes. There is a wide variety of Cuban cuisine such as coffee, fruit and jelly, rice, seasonings, spices, tea, meat, seafood, desserts, biscuits and crackers.

Explore the taste of light and dark coffee and cappuccino; CaféBustelo, CaféPilon, CaféElPico and several other cafes.

Mango and guava are used in a variety of fruit dishes and jellies such as Conchita guava shell, La Cubanita mango cream and La Fe guava sauce.

Rice is very popular, including rice produced by Goya; paella dinner, rice and black beans, rice and pigeon beans, and elegant yellow rice.

Several seasonings and flavors add diversity to the diet. Brands include Badia, Batey, Conchita and Goya. There is also a little bit of extra flavor for your meal.

Tea is a favorite of the Cuban food series; there are several varieties to choose from Chamomile to Mango.

You can even buy meat, Goya Chorizo ​​s (sausage), Brine's Pamplona mussels, oil and sauce Pamplona Octopus.

Desserts are Goya Flan, Majarete and Tembleque. You can enjoy a variety of Gilda and La Estrella biscuits and biscuits, as well as a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

Announced the International Food Night and included Cuban dishes below.

Spanish sausage and chilli

1 Goya sausage sausage

olive oil

1 pepper (you choose sweet, red, pepper, pepper, etc.)

Sherry vinegar

fresh parsley, Roughly chopped

Cut the sausage into a bite-sized block. Put the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the sausage at high temperature. Let the fat in the sausage enter the oil. Cut the pepper into a bite-sized square. Turn the sausage and add the pepper to the pan. Add a little vinegar and parsley, then mix everything. Serve sausage and pepper with toothpick, put on warm plate and serve.