Recycling household paper as a cover

What can I do with newspapers, magazines and mail piles that arrive every week? Today, the risk of identity theft increases and the number of messages containing "confidential" mail increases. Personal information still exists Is there a way to use this material without putting it in a weekly garbage bag?

Household shredders have reached a cost/benefit ratio and deserve serious consideration. These units allow for the smashing of newspapers, magazines, bills, old receipts, requests and unsolicited direct mail, which contain confidential information. Plastic bags and foam bags should not be shredded to be used as a cover. These should be removed and bundled according to local laws.

The rest of the paper, even the colored paper in the magazine, can be shredded. Place a large plastic bag in a large waste paper container that can be installed or placed in a shredder. Shred the paper one or two pages at a time. When the container or bag is filled, you can compress the strip to compress it and save the better quality material for use as a layer under the bark or sawdust in the garden. The trails in the garden can be covered with this material and can be covered with straw or hay to provide weeds or grass barriers.

Paper will break down in a few weeks, depending on the thickness of the mat, you can use it as a weed barrier and pass it directly. If you don't have a lot of covering material, you can put down a layer, sprinkle it thoroughly with water, and then cover with a thin layer of fresh grass clippings. The surface swarf will dry out and form an effective cover on the wet paper.

This will solve several situations. You have a valid cover. You have disposed of waste ecologically. You effectively smash the materials that might be used to steal your identity.