The Five Best Family Resorts in Sydney

Blue Mountain is one of Australia's largest hidden treasures. This is an ancient land and the mountains are part of the original Australia. This is still a wild country, so crazy, prehistoric trees, Wollemi pines, were discovered only a few years ago. Mountain Lodge is the top of the Australian Mountains and its design matches the mountain environment.

The five mountain hotels offer a variety of luxury accommodations, including authentic modern Australian jungle design and the best and latest facilities

Note: Blue Mountains is a World Heritage Site. Development is limited and accommodation is limited to approved building types. The result is the best authentic Australian traditional accommodation in the country.

Top 5

1. Jemby Rinjah Eco Lodge

This is an eco-tourism type of accommodation with a strong environmental qualification located in the famous Blackheath. This is a sophisticated chalet complex with a luxurious look that makes family vacations more interesting.

This place has everything, including:

  • Baby sitting
  • Shopping
  • Convention Center
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Organic meal
  • Airport service
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe

This is for anyone Sustainable, all this happens before you go to see the mountains. Should not be missed.

2. Echoes Boutique Hotel&Restaurant

Located in Katoomba, in the heart of the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Echoes is the epitome of the best mountains. This is a small hotel with a warm and intimate atmosphere, not a crowd. Everything is inside, you can really relax and enjoy the peace. This is the best way to live in this area, with plenty of space and freedom to live and breathe. Echoes is a historic hotel that is one of the true buildings in Australia's real environment.

3. Bunjaree Cottages

Set on 22 acres in Wentworth Falls, Bunjaree Cottages is one of the Blue Mountains' premier attractions. The cabin is solar powered and completely independent. These are real family gatherings, with dreamy native wood and real Rosellas built in the backyard. If you have never had the chance to see the original Australia, you have a chance now.

4. Echo Point Motor Inn

Echo Point Motor Inn is located opposite the world famous Three Sisters. This is the highland of the Blue Mountains, suitable for the place you want to see. In fact, you are next to some of the best places in Echo Point, including the legendary Megalong Valley, Katoomba Falls and Leura Cascades.

5. Leura Green Bed & Breakfast

Greens is located in another famous blue mountain area in Leura. This is a true classic style bed and breakfast, themed rooms are inspired by writers and poets. The Greens welcomes children over the age of 12, and if the children have never seen a real bush before, this is the place for you. Greens is a beautifully designed timepiece that is truly visual and has modern conveniences. The typical Blue Mountain hotel green is beautiful and special.