UK holiday destination – why Poole is a cool holiday destination

Forget the image of the barrel and shovel of a British seaside holiday. A small corner of Dorset is quickly becoming Britain's own Riviera. Located within two miles of the Shawan Peninsula, overlooking Poole Harbour, it now boasts the world's highest price – a popular destination in the heart of Tokyo, Hong Kong and central London. Poole is the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney, Australia. It has long been the center of sailing and water sports, and is home to the famous Sunseeker yacht manufacturer and the highly valued Poole Pottery. It also has the headquarters of the distinguished Royal National Lifeboat Research Institute and a new training center.

Now, football players, pop singers and weird experienced singers are taking advantage of spectacular scenery, golden beaches and private berths, and a new wave of upscale bars and restaurants are pouring into Sandbanks – check out Bentleys And Ferrari parking. As wealthy residents try to surpass each other in style, more and more eccentric properties are emerging. The home of the award-winning developer Seven has caused a stir in more conservative areas. Names like Moonraker and Thunderbird, these cutting-edge designs are far more familiar with the area's more familiar imitations of the dynasty and the new Georgian houses. One of them even rumors that it will appear in the latest James Bond movie "Royal Casino." However, if your budget does not reach millions of dollars, don't worry too much. You can always rent a beautiful beach lodge from the local council for about $35 a day!

What do you want to see all the fuss? Book one of the many upscale hotels on the Sandbanks Peninsula and learn about other facilities that Poole offers for the entire family.

Poole is a two-hour train ride from London, and Sandbanks is only a taxi ride from Bournemouth International Airport. This fast-expanding airport continues to add new destinations to its reserved programs.