Use the Canal Holiday Guide to make your narrow boat holiday run smoothly

I tend to over-prepare. I got all the canal maps and guides, and planned where we will be parked, where the best bars are, where the water spots are. When the market opens, where the local bus goes, what happens in the town.

You don't have to go to that extreme, but a little preparation will help your narrow boat holiday go smoothly.

The most important thing is to provide a good, informative canal guide for the canal you are cruising.

Which one do you buy?

There are three main cruise guides: Nicholson, Pearson and Waterways World.

So let's take a look at them.

Nicholson may have the largest canal tour guide in the UK and has a good reputation. They are fixed on a solid cover (all red) and some have a spiral spine.
We don't use them often, but many colleagues do. The “Stella” we have has a complete set of devices that we find are easy to use and rugged.

A few years ago, they were "owner guides" and other guides were downgraded to hire crew members. This is not the case now. Maps from the top to the bottom of the page

Waterway World has a disparate career in the Canal Guide market. We used them exclusively for the first time in 85 trips and there were three original guides. The world of waterways has been ahead of waterway magazines for many years, but for some reason they have disappeared from the tour guides. Their canal guide is back now, with Llangollen, Major League (South), Shropshire Union and Oxford. I don't like the new format as much as the old format, I find it easier to follow. I like these ads! However, they are tied to a sturdy line cover and placed neatly on the roof for easy reference. They also have color maps from the top to the page to the bottom, on the right side of the page. Lovely color photos (typical Waterways Wor ld) and more canal guides.

Pearsons is our choice of canal guides. We have been using Pearsons since our 85-year-old trip and have been doing this. Their very detailed maps are from left to right, with corresponding text below, the only horizontal format guide. It is clear and accurate. At the top of each page is the number of miles traveled, the number of locks, and the time it takes to travel a particular length of canal. We found this to be especially useful when planning your trip.

Pearson writes in a unique and interesting style (eg "Foxton Village is sunbathing in the sun, like a sleek cat that has just helped cream twice"), and the facilities in every village and town are very good. record of. Their guides cover most of the canals in the UK, including Llangollen, Shroppie, Oxford, Grand Union and Trent, and Mersey. My only problem with Pearsons is that after several trips, the cover tends to separate from the rest of the page. But using a stapler is easy to solve this problem. Otherwise, we love them!

Which one is best?

This is completely personal. Look at each one, talk to other boats, and make a decision. We can choose all of this. So… have fun, happy cruise!