Material Handling Company Guide 101

Material handling or bulk material handling is a branch of engineering designed to transport materials in large quantities in a planned and efficient manner. Simply put, material handling is the creation of products that help move items from one place to another. However, various other tasks such as assembly line management, waste disposal and storage are also part of the material handling. All in all, all material handling systems have multiple lines of work to work together to make business functions more efficient and cost effective. As technology continues to evolve, material handling technologies are increasing.

Today, many material handling companies offer material handling equipment and material handling systems. FedEx is one of the recognized names in the field. FedEx Freight consists of three shipping companies that created incredible revenues and $29.4 billion in revenue in 2005. Every day, FedEx processes approximately 65,000 items and the number of people working in the company exceeds 27,000. Currently, FedEx aims to increase its market share by providing “just in time” services.

Another outstanding material handling company is Clark. Clark Material Handling Company or CMHC is located in Lexington, Kentucky and produces forklifts. Recently, the company has proposed about 20 different types of forklifts. To date, Clark invented the world's first truck in 1920 with the hydraulic lifting mechanism Truclift. Truclift is the pioneer of contemporary forklifts.

Located in Southern California, it is a total solution provider for logistics and logistics. In addition to transportation and transportation warehousing, storage, fulfillment, assembly, labeling and packaging, there are other third-party logistics solutions provided by the company. The company provides facilities for online inventory tracking and custom warehousing solutions. Logistics Edge uses the latest web-based software applications and warehouse management software systems. In addition, the company has an ideal location on the West Coast. This feature not only facilitates easy access to many important ports, but is also a boon to customers because the company's services are available at a reasonable price.

SSI Schaefer ranks first if the company manufactures material handling systems. SSI Schaefer has a worldwide reputation and is the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of quality material handling systems. Storage and workshop equipment, waste management systems, commissioning and conveyor engineering solutions, planning and logistics systems, office furniture, etc., are a variety of other tasks that the company handles.

Another certified material handling equipment manufacturer is the development company of Banyitong Technology China Yaohai Industrial Park. The company has gained great recognition in the manufacture of hydraulic and electric stackers, drum handlers, electric pallet trucks, and electric tractors. In addition, these non-standard products are also manufactured here according to customer needs.

Don't forget to be Yale Material Handling Company (YMHC). As part of the Nacco Material Handling Group (NMHG), YMHC is a global organization and a leading supplier of high quality, high performance forklifts.