10 times will not damage the bank's travel adventure

Dreaming of a big trip in 2010? Is the finance a bit nervous? So, look at the following destinations. Magic, excitement and adventure, yes. But for budget-conscious global travelers, it's also important that these places are a long, long way for your dollar to extend. As a travel writer, I am fortunate to be able to experience all 10 travelers – but I am happy to reconsider everyone who is a vacationer.


Vietnam has a lot of packaging in its territory. Highlights include the misty Halong Bay and its fairytale limestone outcrops and island seascapes; the Mekong Delta and its floating market; the old Viet Cong Tunnel in Cu-Chi near Saigon – now officially known as Ho Chi Minh City. (Don't worry about being stuck: Westerners have especially widened a tunnel.) Backpackers are very cheap, but decent hotels usually cost less than $40. A bowl of horse pavement soup or six seafood spring rolls is less than a dollar. At the local gathering place, Saigon exports beer at 40 cents per bottle.

To tell people the final traffic story of going home, head to Hanoi's old town. Any attempt to cross the road will turn into an exciting adventure. Not only do you have to compete with psychological cyclones (rickshaws), but there are also thousands of motorcycles and scooters, and riders see red traffic signals as advice rather than instructions. The best place to experience complete chaos is from the ring rickshaw.

Eastern Europe, Lithuania

At the southernmost tip of the Baltic States, tourists often associate Lithuania with Latvia and Estonia. However, you can easily spend a week in Lithuania. The quirky cities like Vilnius and Kaunas are immersed in the curiosity of art, music and history… the mushroom-spotted woods and the peasants riding the Hakkas… mysterious places immersed In the pagan tradition… the sea breeze beaches of the Curonian Spit, you can play on the beach -comb is amber.

Mid-June will be a wonderful time. At the national festival in Lithuania, the ancient pagan festival of Lasos marks the summer solstice. This is an all-night singing, dancing, bonfire jumping, looking for "magic" ferns and garlands floating along the river. Despite some serious alcohol gatherings, most people managed to stay awake to meet the sunrise. As for the price, three potato pancakes with smoked salmon and sour cream for $2.54 and a glass of Svyturnys for $1?

Granada, Nicaragua

From the laid-back colonial city of Granada, you can do a lot of things in Nicaragua in a week: solving the volcano… taking a Spanish course… visiting the horse The Saia craft market and the villages there make rocking chairs, hammocks and pottery… Explore the cloud forests and coffee plantations in Selva Negra… at the beach surf town San Juan del Sur Chat with foreigners… Go to the colony of Leon, where you may meet Native Americans.

It is a pleasure to use a cold Victorian beer to settle in a rocking chair, generally costing less than $1, and it is difficult to spend more than $7 on meals. The Alhambra hotel in Granada’s main square costs just $30 per night.

Goa, Southern India

In addition to anything you have encountered elsewhere, India is still fascinating. The simplest introduction to this vibrant country is the Goa State of the Sea. Baked under the tropical canopy of bananas, coconut trees and mango trees, this Arabian Sea beach, backwaters and the breezy world of spiced breeze are printed with many old Portuguese reminders. You can find Sunrise Yoga, a $8 full massage, a $6 dolphin tour and a colourful hippie market on the beach.

Includes four beers and two people can eat in beach huts under $10. If you want to cut costs, you can stay in a simple beach lodge for just $8 a night.

Porto and Northern Portugal

are known for their wine huts (yes, they offer free samples) and Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. This is a historic Atlantic trade port, with all the alleys in the laundry extending to the waterfront of boats, fishing nets and fish restaurants. The squid slices (bacalhau) hang outside the grocery store with original Art Nouveau tiled façades; the golden interior of the San Francisco Church will make King Midas drool. Don't miss the Bolhau food market or Torre dos Clerigos, Portugal's tallest tower. From the top you can see the chaotic city landscape of churches, bridges and red roofs.

According to EU standards, the price of accommodation, accommodation and public transport through the area is alarming. Trains and buses are an affordable way to enter an exploratory day trip along the coast into the terraced vineyards and the green valley. Don't miss the thousand steps of the Braga and Bom Jesus churches. On Holy Day, some pilgrims deal with these steps on their knees.


After the split from Serbia, Montenegro is the latest holiday hotspot in Europe – and the latest independent country in the world. With a $7 3-course dish and a $10 private room, you'll find a rugged mountain range with a switch-supported Adriatic coastline, bay, beach and light grey stone villas. The sea sparkles, such as the blue topaz and medieval walled towns, with crumbling fortresses and palaces, usually bearing the winged lion badge of the Republic of Venice.

Now in the paint area of ​​the monastery, insert the mountain crevices and the red tile roofs and the dark green shutters of the fishing village. Roman mosaics… olive groves… water lakes… deep canyons and powerful Boka Kotorska, the southernmost fjord in Europe… The story of the border town of Erzini and its minaret and pirate slaves.


Alps? It is undeniable that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But unless you have a fee account, I can assure you that exploring its mountains, lakes and medieval towns will cause serious damage to your finances.

In winter or summer, neighboring Austria has as many mountain surprises… plus the splendour of Vienna and Salzburg. And it's much cheaper than you think. For example, in Fendels in the village of Tyrol, you can rent two furnished apartments in a cottage next spring, for only 175 euros ($230) per week. Surrounded by hiking trails, the village of Fendels is a great base – the Tyrolean Oberland is close to the borders of Switzerland and Italy. (Please visit the Austrian Tourist Board's website http://www.tiscover.at, you will find more self-catering accommodation at a similar price.)

Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia is a melting pot of Chinese and Indian culture. Malaysia offers powdery white sand beaches and pristine rainforests full of wildlife; the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur and the historic port city of Malacca; cheap seafood and cheap spa treatments; sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, golf and island hopping .

One of Malaysia's stars has a distinctive Chinese flavor and is Georgetown, the capital of Penang. You encounter snake temples, arched shop houses and small workshops dedicated to mahjong tiles and scorpions; kong-teik craftsmen who make funerary paper artifacts; fish are washed like laundry in the open air. On the Weld Quay waterfront, approximately 2,000 fishermen’s families live in the crumbling wooden houses of Clan Quay.

Chania, Crete

On the Greek island of Crete, Chania is a city of sin that has been missed. The former capital of Crete dates back 5,000 years. In the thin alleys of the old town, you will find the icon studio… hanging in the dusty musical instrument repair shop… continuous white jasmine flowing through the arch… The cat is snoring on the balcony… There is no pencil spire on the church tower and the mosque on the beach.

At dusk, the old Venetian harbour in Chania combined with the garland of colored light bulbs is indeed a romantic thing. The water is sparkling with deep red, sapphire and emerald waves, the Venetian lighthouse exudes its blink of an eye, and the stalls are stable in pistachios. The silent alley in the afternoon became packed with locals with volts – a walk in the evening. Even in July and August, you can find studio apartments for less than $40 a night… plus you can eat $10.

Bohemia, Czech Republic

There are few Prague tourists, but few people are aware of the services provided elsewhere in the Czech Republic. One of the areas is Bohemia, with a fascinating castle, mural houses and a long-haired princess turret directly from the story of swords and witchcraft. In Cesky Krumlov, you can see a medieval bear pit with a bear. Located in the suburb of Kutna Hora, Sedlec has a small church decorated entirely of human bones, up to the chandelier.

Many towns have stoupas… The sublime "plague pillow" is decorated with chain demons. They commemorated the rescue from the plague that swept through Europe in the Middle Ages. Then there is Karlovy Vary, the oldest spa town in Bohemia. As visitors can collect the hot spring water throughout the town for free, this is a beautiful Baroque building with sugar plum, gorgeous parks and sparkling shops in Bohemian crystals.