SEO meaning

Like most things, computer speech also has its own language. When you create a website, you are likely to encounter many new terms, and while some of them actually make sense, some terms may be a bit strange, even for our middle-class technicians.

When you think of a white hat, you might think of a Kentucky Derby or a royal wedding, but in search engine optimization, it means using a combination of best practice techniques that give you all the Venus and Brownies. Points of technology, those who don't use bad manipulation to get traction or rank, but those who do what they can to do what they do, create great content and follow all the rules.

Things like time on the page are very self-explanatory. In fact, some people analyze data there, such as the time people spend on a particular website. They are timed and collect data when they click. You usually want people to spend some time on your website, not just by clicking in and out within three seconds.

Mirrors allow you to see yourself every day, mirror sites are the same principle, it is the same site with different addresses. Sneaky.

Link bait is another very meaningful term, especially if you use social media frequently. Think about all the tests that started "only 10% of people can take this quiz", so you click and try to prove that they are wrong just to find the test is very easy, a five-year-old child may have begun. This is the link bait. A page designed to attract incoming links. You clicked and they have completed their work.

Now is a weird – potential system index. This means that the search engine will index common words in the document or content. These are also known as long tail searches. This also avoids keyword padding in the document because you can express your point of view using similar words or words associated with the original keyword.

How about code exchange? This is when people change the content of their website after getting a high ranking. This is interesting because the content may not be informative or even interesting after switching. It will eventually hurt the ranking.