Use the Canal Holiday Guide to make your narrow boat holiday run smoothly

I tend to over-prepare. I got all the canal maps and guides, and planned where we will be parked, where the best bars are, where the water spots are. When the market opens, where the local bus goes, what happens in the town.

You don't have to go to that extreme, but a little preparation will help your narrow boat holiday go smoothly.

The most important thing is to provide a good, informative canal guide for the canal you are cruising.

Which one do you buy?

There are three main cruise guides: Nicholson, Pearson and Waterways World.

So let's take a look at them.

Nicholson may have the largest canal tour guide in the UK and has a good reputation. They are fixed on a solid cover (all red) and some have a spiral spine.
We don't use them often, but many colleagues do. The “Stella” we have has a complete set of devices that we find are easy to use and rugged.

A few years ago, they were "owner guides" and other guides were downgraded to hire crew members. This is not the case now. Maps from the top to the bottom of the page

Waterway World has a disparate career in the Canal Guide market. We used them exclusively for the first time in 85 trips and there were three original guides. The world of waterways has been ahead of waterway magazines for many years, but for some reason they have disappeared from the tour guides. Their canal guide is back now, with Llangollen, Major League (South), Shropshire Union and Oxford. I don't like the new format as much as the old format, I find it easier to follow. I like these ads! However, they are tied to a sturdy line cover and placed neatly on the roof for easy reference. They also have color maps from the top to the page to the bottom, on the right side of the page. Lovely color photos (typical Waterways Wor ld) and more canal guides.

Pearsons is our choice of canal guides. We have been using Pearsons since our 85-year-old trip and have been doing this. Their very detailed maps are from left to right, with corresponding text below, the only horizontal format guide. It is clear and accurate. At the top of each page is the number of miles traveled, the number of locks, and the time it takes to travel a particular length of canal. We found this to be especially useful when planning your trip.

Pearson writes in a unique and interesting style (eg "Foxton Village is sunbathing in the sun, like a sleek cat that has just helped cream twice"), and the facilities in every village and town are very good. record of. Their guides cover most of the canals in the UK, including Llangollen, Shroppie, Oxford, Grand Union and Trent, and Mersey. My only problem with Pearsons is that after several trips, the cover tends to separate from the rest of the page. But using a stapler is easy to solve this problem. Otherwise, we love them!

Which one is best?

This is completely personal. Look at each one, talk to other boats, and make a decision. We can choose all of this. So… have fun, happy cruise!

Funeral Movie: Grand Theft Auto

This story is very special, and if it doesn't really happen, no one will believe it. It involves two people, a hearse, a dead rock star, five gallons of petrol and a promise.

Remember the influential country rock musician Gram Parsons? He has performed with Emmylou Harris, The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers and The International Submarine Band. Parsons died in 1973 in a motel room near the Joshua Tree National Monument due to a 26-year-old morphine overdose.

Movie Grand Theft Auto (2003) is based on the true story of what happened. The body after Parsons died. The film illustrates some of the issues that may help start a funeral or heritage planning dialogue.

Before his death, Parsons said that he wanted his body to be cremated in Joshua, his ashes throughout Cap Rock, a prominent natural feature. His road manager Phil Kaufman (he also managed Parsons' drug and alcohol use as much as possible) and he signed an agreement. No matter who died first, another person took the body to Joshua Tree and “allowed his soul to be free”, that is, let the body catch fire.

Taking a corpse from a hospital

At the beginning of the movie, Kaufman (Johnny Knoxville) attempted to obtain Parson's body from a remote small hospital near Joshua Tree. The nurse said that because he is not a doctor or a close relative, he has no right to enter the body. He tried to steal the body from the hospital but was unsuccessful.

Parsons's body went to Los Angeles International Airport to New Orleans for burial. Parsons' stepfather arranged a private ceremony and ignored the invitation to any music industry friend.

In the film, Kaufman hired a hippie with a psychedelic hearse to retrieve the body from the airport and bribe the Air Cargo office staff to get Parson's body.

Once in the Joshua Tree, Kaufman tried to ignite Parsons by pouring 5 gallons of gasoline into the open coffin and throwing a lit cigarette inside, creating a huge fireball. The part of the movie is very close to the real story.

What makes a will?

The film adds a sly ex-girlfriend Barbara Mansfield (played by Christina Applegate). She tried to cash in Parson's money and land property by handwriting notes on the back of the flyer. She said that this is his will, but there is no notarization or anything that can be formalized.

The note says: "Who might be involved: I hope I know that I want to leave Barbara Mansfield in the event of my death, assets and property. Signature, Gram Parsons."

Kaufman told her that this is not a will. She said that this was a promise signed by Gram and asked to leave everything to her. Parsons was married to another woman.

She used this note to try to get Parson's guitar and music master from Kaufman. She also tried to withdraw money from the bank. The banker told her they had rules, and the paper was invalid. They needed at least one death certificate to prove that she was indeed dead. She did not successfully obtain a death certificate from the county registry.

In addition to the legitimacy of setting up corpses on the National Monument, Grand Theft Auto opened the door to discuss the following:

  • No matter how a desperate girlfriend tries to stick to it, handwritten No notes can be an acceptable will. Find a real estate lawyer who knows how to actually make the law effective.
  • The hospital will not publish the body of "close friends", no road administrators or life partners, no lawyers. In fact, those who want to do family death care for family members may have difficulty releasing their bodies to close relatives.
  • Bribery air cargo clerk must violate certain laws, but the film is scheduled for 1973, and the airport's security improvement measures will take effect before September 11. Only the "known shippers" can now handle the bodies of air cargo. You can't just drive a psychedelic hearse to the air transport office. sigh.

Incidentally, in the real story, the police chased Kaufman and his friends after setting the body on fire, but the two fled. They were arrested a few days later. Because there was no law prohibiting theft, they were fined $750 for stealing coffins and were not charged for leaving 35 pounds of Parsons charred remains in the desert.

Grand Theft Auto is a fun movie with some life and death courses integrated into comedy. It can be rented on DVD via Netflix and purchased on (if available). Drug reference and PG-13 rating for a language.

The Five Best Family Resorts in Sydney

Blue Mountain is one of Australia's largest hidden treasures. This is an ancient land and the mountains are part of the original Australia. This is still a wild country, so crazy, prehistoric trees, Wollemi pines, were discovered only a few years ago. Mountain Lodge is the top of the Australian Mountains and its design matches the mountain environment.

The five mountain hotels offer a variety of luxury accommodations, including authentic modern Australian jungle design and the best and latest facilities

Note: Blue Mountains is a World Heritage Site. Development is limited and accommodation is limited to approved building types. The result is the best authentic Australian traditional accommodation in the country.

Top 5

1. Jemby Rinjah Eco Lodge

This is an eco-tourism type of accommodation with a strong environmental qualification located in the famous Blackheath. This is a sophisticated chalet complex with a luxurious look that makes family vacations more interesting.

This place has everything, including:

  • Baby sitting
  • Shopping
  • Convention Center
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Organic meal
  • Airport service
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe

This is for anyone Sustainable, all this happens before you go to see the mountains. Should not be missed.

2. Echoes Boutique Hotel&Restaurant

Located in Katoomba, in the heart of the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Echoes is the epitome of the best mountains. This is a small hotel with a warm and intimate atmosphere, not a crowd. Everything is inside, you can really relax and enjoy the peace. This is the best way to live in this area, with plenty of space and freedom to live and breathe. Echoes is a historic hotel that is one of the true buildings in Australia's real environment.

3. Bunjaree Cottages

Set on 22 acres in Wentworth Falls, Bunjaree Cottages is one of the Blue Mountains' premier attractions. The cabin is solar powered and completely independent. These are real family gatherings, with dreamy native wood and real Rosellas built in the backyard. If you have never had the chance to see the original Australia, you have a chance now.

4. Echo Point Motor Inn

Echo Point Motor Inn is located opposite the world famous Three Sisters. This is the highland of the Blue Mountains, suitable for the place you want to see. In fact, you are next to some of the best places in Echo Point, including the legendary Megalong Valley, Katoomba Falls and Leura Cascades.

5. Leura Green Bed & Breakfast

Greens is located in another famous blue mountain area in Leura. This is a true classic style bed and breakfast, themed rooms are inspired by writers and poets. The Greens welcomes children over the age of 12, and if the children have never seen a real bush before, this is the place for you. Greens is a beautifully designed timepiece that is truly visual and has modern conveniences. The typical Blue Mountain hotel green is beautiful and special.

Purple Martin Bird House Selection Guide

Purple Martins is a large swallow in North America, a bird's nest that has been completed in the 20th century. They rely almost entirely on humans to provide nesting sites, especially in eastern North America, where population density is higher. Martins actually thrives near humans! To make matters worse, the population of Purple Martin is also surpassed by the European ostrich, which is also a nesting bird, and sometimes actively surpasses Martin's house through violent force. However, these wonderful birds have been doing a lot of scientific research, so now as a landlord of birds is very simple!

So where do you start? Ok, first create a purple Martin bird house or gourd! Purple Martin housings come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices, so everyone has a house with a budget and commitment level. If you are more adventurous and want to get more out of your work, try a multi-room chalet on a telescopic pole system. These huge bird houses are the apartments of the entire colony of Purple Martins, but the smaller plastic gourds are more expensive and difficult to maintain. However, they are very aesthetically pleasing, especially when there are dozens of birds coming in and out!

The following are some suggestions for establishing and maintaining the Purple Martin Palace:

  • Keep the bird house away from the trees. There should be no trees that are taller than the 60 feet of the house and pole in any direction.
  • The height of the pole should be 12 to 20 feet, and you need a pole guard to keep the raccoons and other predators sheltered.
  • If you don't have a protective cover, consider a deeper, larger compartment that will keep the nest away from the predator.
  • If there are trees around, try installing the house above the tallest trees* in the area around *.
  • You need at least 24 nesting compartments to ensure that the colony prospers in your location.
  • An entrance hole greater than 6" x 6" would be an unpleasant, unwelcome public invitation to Starling or Sparrow.
  • Use exclusion doors or crescent-shaped gourds to prevent ostriches and sparrows from invading the nest and causing serious damage.
  • You will notice that all purple Martin bird houses are white, for good reason. White reflects the heat of summer, keeping the inner nest cool.

The Vandal team at the University of Idaho has a football player in the 2010 NFL Draft.

A player from Vandals University in Idaho participated in the 2010 NFL Draft. One of the players was Mike Iupati, who played for the riot team and hoped to win the San Francisco 49ers after the Bay Area team was selected. Position he ranked 17th in the first round.

The University of Idaho football team participates in the Western Conference, which is often referred to as the WAC. As a reference frame, WAC has five players from the mid-term major meeting in the 255 NFL Draft. By comparing the Southeast Conference, which is usually shortened to the SEC, there were 49 players in the 2010 NFL Draft, almost ten times as many as the Western Lows.

Mike Iupati was the first player in the 2010 NFL draft to be selected by the WAC and is considered one of his best prospects in all college football games. He participated in the prime time at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. National TV broadcasts. . In the draft, only three offensive players selected Ipatti's captain, and a total of 38 off-line players were selected. The 6-foot-5-inch 330-pound Ipapa has the right shape for the NFL offensive guard.

Mike was born and raised in the South Pacific of American Samoa before the All Seasons University Rugby Tournament for the Destroyer, and climbed up with his family in Anaheim, California. Part of the reason was that since he later lived in the United States and was learning to try to learn English as a second language (his native language is Samoan), Mike did not have a selection of university scholarships that were usually associated with the first round of NFL selection.

Through hard work, perseverance and a bit of luck, Iupati entered the University of Idaho football team in 2006. After frustration persistence, including a surgically repaired shoulder, Mike quickly grew into a dominant inside attack linebacker and eventually gained national attention as a senior.

In 2009, a player from the Idaho Vandal team participated in the NFL draft. Eddie Williams was selected in the seventh and final round of the Washington Reds. Immediately before the end, Eddie Williams was selected and the University of Idaho produced an insignificant gentleman in the 2008 NFL Draft. Mr. Irrelevant is the last player in the NFL draft. In 2008, the player was David Vobora, a linebacker from Idaho.

Well-known companies set a good example through recycling

Big companies are leading the way in good ways and putting our planet in the first place by participating more in plastic recycling than ever before . It is an acknowledgement of the growing efforts on a global scale. Smaller companies can improve their practices through their role models. They can see how easy it is to achieve and the propaganda that comes with it.

These companies are leading the way in plastic recycling, but they have not stopped there. Many people aim to be almost 100% recyclable in all their practices.

Any company should know that it takes time to change their efforts to benefit the planet, but often only one step. This step can have a huge impact on the future of the planet. Learn more about these industry giants and their efforts below.


The plastic recycling and other sustainability efforts of this grocery giant have not been ignored. The current recovery rate is 51%, and they are working hard every year to make this number even higher. They work with waste management companies, one of the largest recycling companies in North America, as of 2015.

In 2013, they reported not only recycling nearly 9,000 tons of low-density polyethylene and mixed plastics, but also reported 230,000 tons of cardboard and 4,000 tons of paper! It is these impressive efforts that others in the industry are pursuing to match.


Nestlé is another company that has a goal in plastic recycling. By 2018, the company hopes that the recovery rate of plastic PET bottles will reach 60%. They are trying to find ways to make the public more accessible and to raise awareness. The sad truth is that in the United States in 2015, about 30% of households were not able to get recycled.

Nestlé Water worked with Keep America Beautiful to raise public awareness and educate the public about the importance of recycling. They want to find ways to collect more bottles for plastic recycling.


The method has introduced a first bottle made of marine plastic. It is a mixture of marine plastics and consumer plastics recycled to reduce waste. Not only did they help the environment, but they also saved a lot of money and provided a good name for their company. Many people realize that plastics in the ocean pose a huge threat not only to marine wildlife but to the entire planet.

Each bottle designed to hold soap and other green cleaning products is made from 100% recycled materials, and they are proud to ensure C2C or Cradle to Cradle certification for more than 100 products. This means they will be evaluated by a team of scientists to ensure that all ingredients, packaging elements, processes and practices are completely green.


Most of the "closed-loop funds" were launched thanks to Wal-Mart. They actually arranged a summit of 30 experts to discuss how to increase the recycling of other types of plastics in the United States. This is in 2013, today they have a zero waste policy and they are chasing. More than 81% of the material flows through its stores, distribution centers and other facilities, and is not affected by landfills. Their focus includes:

  • Plastic bags
  • Packaging
  • Electronics

Plastic recycling is critical to sustainable development management worldwide. It not only reduces waste but also helps protect natural resources that are vital to human survival. Although this practice has existed for many years, it has again gained steam due to environmental conditions.

Grilled bacon

Do you like bacon? If it is not your number one food, bacon may be one of your favorite foods. There are many foods that can be added with bacon to add flavor.

If you like to go to the restaurant and order a hamburger with bacon, you will like the bacon on the hamburger. You can cook bacon on a grill with a secure baking tray or stove. If you have a guest coming, you might want some bacon to be particularly crispy, while other bacon won't cook for so long. Some people like their bacon more like ham. In addition, guests also include squid burgers, just in case your family does not eat red meat. Salmon is a good choice compared to hamburgers.

Add grilled hamburger and grilled salmon burger to the baked homemade deli bread with butter. Easily bake butter burger buns on the grill grate.

Another option for grilling with bacon is to make a large pot of scrambled eggs. Ignite your grill. Although the grill is preheated, simply spray the foil tray with a cooking spray. Next, in a medium-sized bowl, mix the scrambled eggs with the milk. You can choose to cook bacon on the grill, on the top of the stove or in the microwave. Once the bacon has cooled down, you can smash it into small pieces and add it to the scrambled egg mixture. Add fresh pepper to the scrambled eggs. Cook the scrambled eggs and bacon on the grill until finished. Make sure you stay on the grill because the eggs will cook quickly. You may want to add chopped onions, green peppers, red peppers, fresh mushrooms and hot sauce to the scrambled eggs.

Steak and bacon are another wonderful roast meal. Cut the steak into smaller portions. You can cut the steak into pieces of fist size. Pick up your bacon and wrap one or two pieces on each steak. You can use a toothpick or a cooking safety cord to drain the bacon and the cattle together. Grill until your steak finishes you like it.

Bacon Surprise on the grill can be a delicious and fun food to seduce your taste buds. You can use bacon-wrapped water crumbs, bacon-wrapped green peppers, bacon-wrapped red peppers, bacon-wrapped onion slices, bacon-wrapped fresh mushrooms, bacon-wrapped kids or any food you like wrapped in bacon. Grill to perfection and enjoy every bit of delicious.

You can bake a sacred chicken or turkey with bacon around. Juicy chicken or turkey with a refreshing and delicious bacon will surely satisfy anyone's taste buds.

Use your imagination while grilling bacon. There are many foods that can be added with bacon for a more delicious meal.

Why different types of vehicles require very specific commercial car insurance coverage

If you are a small business owner of a commercial vehicle, you may think that getting the right insurance is as straightforward as getting a “commercial auto insurance”. However, this is actually a broad classification that contains many different types of policies.

Although the results are not that simple, the good news is that you can always be sure to find a specific policy that matches you. ' Why? For example, you need to consider the different risks you face with different types of vehicles, as well as the different risks based on different industries and services being implemented.

Let's take a look at several different vehicles and industries starting with non-emergency medical transportation, as evidenced by this. These are specially equipped vehicles, usually vans, although in some cases small buses, help people who may be disabled and unable to ride a regular car.

Providing this service adds different risk factors, equipment already installed in these vehicles adds new risks, changes the value of the vehicle, and so on. Of course, the non-emergency medical transport service provides a different policy for the daily ride of two people in a wheelchair, rather than a construction worker with a van equipped with his industry tools.

Another interesting example is the emerging world company of food trucks. Food trucks are very different from other trucks and even other semi-related trucks such as ice cream trucks or refrigerated trucks.

With a food truck, you are actually preparing food for the vehicle. This means cooking equipment, heat and energy, open flames, knives and people cooking there. It sounds like a whole bunch of unique risks and specifications, and food truck insurance policies need to be covered, not vehicles like pickup trucks or 18-wheelers.

Of course, this is just some examples to clarify this. All special vehicles and different industries face their own risks and challenges. Therefore, general commercial vehicle or truck insurance is just a term, and the coverage you need will be adjusted according to your profession.

When you buy commercial car or truck insurance, don't try to act alone. Consult an experienced insurance agent who can help you find the right type of vehicle for you, your company, any type of vehicle you are operating and any type of “just right” policy you actually use.

Delicious Cuban food

The Internet is a great resource for food lovers. You can find food from recipes to delivery. International food is a real treat that you can explore and enjoy.

In this article, we will explore Cuban food and provide you with simple recipes. There is a wide variety of Cuban cuisine such as coffee, fruit and jelly, rice, seasonings, spices, tea, meat, seafood, desserts, biscuits and crackers.

Explore the taste of light and dark coffee and cappuccino; CaféBustelo, CaféPilon, CaféElPico and several other cafes.

Mango and guava are used in a variety of fruit dishes and jellies such as Conchita guava shell, La Cubanita mango cream and La Fe guava sauce.

Rice is very popular, including rice produced by Goya; paella dinner, rice and black beans, rice and pigeon beans, and elegant yellow rice.

Several seasonings and flavors add diversity to the diet. Brands include Badia, Batey, Conchita and Goya. There is also a little bit of extra flavor for your meal.

Tea is a favorite of the Cuban food series; there are several varieties to choose from Chamomile to Mango.

You can even buy meat, Goya Chorizo ​​s (sausage), Brine's Pamplona mussels, oil and sauce Pamplona Octopus.

Desserts are Goya Flan, Majarete and Tembleque. You can enjoy a variety of Gilda and La Estrella biscuits and biscuits, as well as a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

Announced the International Food Night and included Cuban dishes below.

Spanish sausage and chilli

1 Goya sausage sausage

olive oil

1 pepper (you choose sweet, red, pepper, pepper, etc.)

Sherry vinegar

fresh parsley, Roughly chopped

Cut the sausage into a bite-sized block. Put the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the sausage at high temperature. Let the fat in the sausage enter the oil. Cut the pepper into a bite-sized square. Turn the sausage and add the pepper to the pan. Add a little vinegar and parsley, then mix everything. Serve sausage and pepper with toothpick, put on warm plate and serve.