Seven Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Ski Town

The term "ski city" evokes the positive emotions and memories of many people. Maybe this is the first college ski trip, maybe mom and dad teach you skiing, or first hike to a real mountain lake. Ski towns are unique in many ways, so there are 7 main reasons to own your favorite ski town.

  1. Nothing can bring families together like a ski holiday. The younger generation has traditionally learned from the older generation, and these lessons have been passed along with memories. Plus year-end family-centered holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, presidential weekends and spring breaks, and what better than family and snow? Most ski town homes and apartments are designed around a “big room” and offer multiple generations of accommodation. Many older skiers want to leave the “traditional” attributes to their families for more fun and memories.
  2. Ski towns, or today more often referred to as “mountain resort communities,” are good places for retirement or semi-retirement. The annual round of entertainment is very rich. The same is true for special entertainment and food. And “duality” (having more than one family in different but unique environments) is becoming more popular; for example, mountains and tropics.
  3. Summer!! Although skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, crow skiing and other winter adrenaline sports are the initial attractions of ski towns, many new owners have discovered the glory of summer; wonderful climate, more beautiful scenery , more entertainment opportunities, a variety of cultural activities, and relaxation. The old motto of the mountain resort community is “wintering, passing the summer.”
  4. These areas usually represent some of the most primitive areas of the country; think about the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, Teton, etc. As the world becomes more polluted, many mountain resort communities are protected by government ownership and land use control, watershed rights, and strong environmental groups. These protective layers are often an obstacle to the expansion and degradation of resort towns. This protection will maintain the original quality for future generations.
  5. Large ski resorts are successful commercial enterprises. The days of family-owned ski resorts are gone forever. Today, they are owned by listed companies or equity funds. Modern corporate ski resort management focuses on peak customer experience while transforming profits and performing very well. Plus real estate development and property management to increase profits. They are increasingly aligned with top hotel companies and their franchise stores.
  6. The ownership of ski towns has traditionally attracted more affluent customers, making the market less tolerant of economic change.
  7. Most ski towns have a full range of affordability. Yes, places like Aspen are expensive. However, most ski resorts in the United States have a wide variety of properties and price ranges, making dreams a reality for many people.

Ski towns are still a unique experience in the United States, a return to our European ancestors and the adventures, entertainment, social interactions of the old world and the appreciation of our family. Combining low values, low interest rates and the need for reconstruction is now a good time to buy in your favorite ski town.