Grill for you

It may just be a barbecue in human nature. Ok,
We have already done this as early as
. In the Stone Age, humans searched for food,
cooked on an open flame. Although we are still cooking flames today
there are actually two different types
. The real barbecue needs sauce.
If not, you are just at the barbecue. Although both are good
the barbecue involves slowly cooking meat
for a few hours at low temperatures.

When you want to go to the barbecue, you
may think of
succulent food such as hamburgers and steaks, even
all the hot dogs that are repaired. The term barbecue is not only
refers to food, but also to the event itself.
Meeting with friends and
family members, enjoying the food, drinks and good times
has always been the glory tradition of generations. It
does not matter where you live or where you are
barbecue is a popular gathering.

So we all know that barbecue is an honor
American tradition, but where did it originate from
? Well, there are several different states
and when it came to the barbecue
each state has its own reputation. Texas, Virginia, Georgia
and Carolina have stories about the origin of
barbecue. If you look at the history of barbecue
you will find that each of these
states has a slightly different
barbecue method, so they are likely to have all come
. No matter where the idea comes from, it is very fast at

If you like barbecue, then you know
the staple food is a successful barbecue is a great barbecue sauce.
There are different types of sauces, but
The original Texas BBQ is known for its thick sweet
tomato flavor. In Texas, they also like to use
cognac seasoning before

Southeast barbecue sauce is slightly different. If
you get a barbecue sauce in Georgia, it may
be thinner and contain more vinegar. Another difference in grilling
is that they use
more pork instead of beef. You will also often see the grill used in
. This method "sucks" the meat and gives it a
good smoky flavor. Potholes are very popular
allowing you to taste delicious meat.

Your family may have their own barbecue secret
they may pass from generation to
generation. You may have your own secret barbecue
sauce recipe. Your family may have a slow cook
beef or pork method or you may like both methods.
No matter what type of barbecue you like, there is no
suspected family and friends like it, it
will stick to more years.