How to understand the menu of a Spanish restaurant

When dining out in Spain, the menu may be daunting, unless you know a little Spanish, the first thing to remember is that the menu is called la carta, if you are in the tourist area, there is almost always an English page, or a Spanish name. translation.

The following are some of the items you see on most menus,

Ensalada Mixta:

An ordinary salad with green leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, but maybe There are also boiled eggs, anchovies, tuna, Tuscaroras, pineapple pieces and kiwi slices.

Ensalada Tomate:

sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtomato basil and olive oil

Ensalada Russo:

Spanish meat dishes are often grilled or stewed, and Rarely baked.

Fillete de Tenera:

Is a very thin steak, like a small step steak, often not very tender

Solomio de Tenera:

Is a kind Traditional British beef fillet steak, thick and tender, suitable for ordinary (rare) medio (medium rare) and muy hetcho (literally, it works well, but usually still pink, but no blood.) Don't be afraid to send it back, If you don't like you.

Solomio be Buey:

Steak similar to Solomio de Tenera, but the meat comes from cattle, its taste is very similar, unless it is pointed out what you mean, you will not find any difference.

Solomio de Cerdo:

This is a pork chops, usually flat, always tender, without fat or bone, usually provided with chili sauce (salsa bell pepper), if you are not sure Sauce you can ask for a separate sauce (Sasa seperado).

The way to eat vegetables in Spanish restaurants is unusual. They are considered to be a poor meal, but sometimes you decorate the roasted green peppers.

Magra con Tomate:

Very delicious pork stewed tomato sauce. Magra con Tomate literally means lean meat and tomato, which is usually used as a small portion of snacks or as a main dish with fried potatoes.