Blue cheese omnivorous


Romaine (head $ 1.29)

1 pound steak ($10 per pound)

1 box of colorful pasta ($1.03 blue clue, because my inner child sometimes shakes I.)

1 red pepper ($2.62)

blue cheese sauce ($2.43)

1⁄2 piece of blue cheese ($3.79 optional ingredient)

* In addition to buying meat, everywhere save money. Cheap meat is too difficult.

Wash and chop the lettuce. Keep it in the refrigerator to keep it cold and brittle during service.

Then, cook the pasta until tender, but not the floppy disk. We hope that the pasta is a bit cold, so in this case, you can rinse it with cool water so that it is no longer steamed.

At the same time, the steak is sliced ​​and burned with salt and pepper. This is a tablespoon of oil in a shallow pan and a pan. When the meat is cooking, toss it up. When it starts to stick to the pot, you finish in thirty seconds.

When the steak is finished, wash half of the red pepper. Faux baked half on the electric stove or carefully baked half on the gas stove so that the outside is dark and toast. Although pepper retains its shape, care should be taken to remove it longitudinally from heat and slices. It is a lovely and delicious decoration with a dramatic style in the cooking process!

Show at the conference:

Put the lettuce and the cooled dough evenly together. Now add enough seasoning to spread the pasta and lettuce together. This mixed mixture is placed on a plate or bowl as a bed. Use a clean finger to smash some blue cheese. Now put the steak strip on top, there is no special pattern. Gently top with bacteria in a blue cheese sauce (the diners can add more flavor). Finally, decorate the top with the most beautiful red pepper strips to provide the remaining slices for your companion.

What you have is a colorful and healthy salad that is suitable for human omnivores. Most of the nutritional needs are included in this attractive dish, suitable for children with red wine, water, and even cola.

——————– ————————— ———————– ———-

10 top themed restaurants in Kenya, you will always cherish

For all avid food lovers who like to try a variety of cuisines, there are ten of the most popular Kenyan-themed restaurants worth mentioning.

1. Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi

located in Langata Road, Nairobi, Carnivore ', a unique restaurant owned by the Tamarind Group is worth mentioning. The entrance to the restaurant gives a "pure" feel and the seating is very spacious. You will see a large oven ordered exclusively from South Africa. It serves a variety of meats, especially cows, buffalos, ostriches and crocodiles. Mr. Dawa will provide you with a special welcome drink, an appetizer. Once you drop it, there will be a small sign indicating it is full. The concept of a restaurant is like "service until you give up." The staff will help you eat the endless meat and continue to do so until you put the banner down and I am full of #39;. Uniquely conceptualized by the Tamarind Group of Hotels, it is an attractive place for visitors to Kenya.

2. Moorings Floating Restaurant, Mombasa

The only floating restaurant in Kenya is Moorings. This floating platform was built in 1994 on the Tampa Creek on the northern coast of Africa. Sip your beer while enjoying nature. The restaurant serves a variety of marine fish and wine. Enjoy deep red nights and mouth-watering barbecue fish. The platform can accommodate up to 100 people. During the spring tide, you can take a walk on the beach near the floating platform.

3. Tamarind Dhow Restaurant

This is a huge ship used as a base for restaurants. This concept was originally implemented in 1972. Dhows sail weekly from morning to night. A personal dhow can accommodate approximately 70 people at dinner. It can accommodate up to 100 people and is also suitable for cocktail parties. Mainly seafood is served here.

4. Alibaba's Cave Restaurant

This cave is 180,000 years old and is located near Mombasa, 30 kilometers south of the city and 200 meters from the high water level. Thirty years ago, George and Jackie Barbour decided to transform the cave into a unique restaurant. There is a triangular Makati umbrella fixed in a corner of the dining room. The floor is decorated with elegant lighting and chandeliers. The restaurant specialises in seafood and a variety of continental cuisine.

5. Ol Covo Bamburi Restaurant

Bamburi is an island 12 km from Mombasa. This is a two-story structure with the top floor being the dining and entertainment venue in Mombasa. The upper deck has a balcony with sea views. It has a large wood burning shed for making traditional pizza. It serves pasta, new appetizers, salads, lobster, shrimp, squid and octopus. You only like delicious food and delicious meat.

6. Fisherman's Camp Restaurant

This restaurant is located near Lake Naivasha. It has a stylish atmosphere and is perfect for pairing with food, music and fresh air. This is an open plan restaurant with woodland and a fresh pizza sitting under the sky. You can rent a camp and enjoy yourself in the soft grass. This is a great place to spend some lazy Sundays.

7. Azura Royal Orchid Restaurant

This restaurant is located near the Nyali Bridge in Mombasa. You can sit across the restaurant and enjoy a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy juicy meat cutting, seafood wonders and grilled seafood. This is a great opportunity to sip a beer and enjoy seafood.

8. Haandi, Kisumu

Haandi is an Indian restaurant in the heart of the capital of Nairobi. The restaurant covers an area of ​​4,000 square feet. It sports all types of Indian food. You will like the signature naan, kulcha, chapatti and tandoori roti. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available. They use brass plates and glass food; salt and lime are neatly placed on the sides, giving a typical Indian look.

9. Tilapia Beach Restaurant

Located near the Otoe Road in Kisumu, this restaurant is the perfect choice for watching Lake Victoria and a variety of fish. You will get fish barbecue, fish barbecue, grilled fish with sauce and Ugali and Sukuma. You will like this African variant.

10. Talisman Restaurant

Located on Ngong Road in Nairobi, Talisman is a boutique restaurant that offers countless experiences for visitors. New York media said Talisman is one of the best restaurants in Kenya. Enjoy the beautiful organic garden and enjoy the atmosphere bar with friends. The cuisine blends European, pan-Asian and African cuisine. You can enjoy delicious dishes such as sushi and sashimi platters, braised belly pork and homemade noodles.

In Kenya, you can enjoy many exciting facts. In addition to the theme restaurant, you must also try African street food joints.

How to plan a fishing trip to Lake Nipissing

For people living in southern Ontario, Lake Nipissing is a great choice for fishing trips. There are few other lakes in the province that offer a variety of fish species, quality and size. There are a few things that are an important part of the planning process when planning a fishing trip on Lake Nipissing.

Lake Nipissing is one of the most accessible lakes in Ontario. It is easily accessible from major provincial highways in all directions. Less than 4 hours from Ottawa to Highway 17, and 3.5 hours from Toronto on Highways 400 and 11. Nipissing Lake is also located in the heart of the city and is the best part of a group of members throughout the province.

Lake Nipissing offers several quality fishing areas. The West Arm of the Lake is very popular, but away from major urban centers such as Ottawa and Toronto. The Callander Bay/South Shore/South Bay area offers the best combination of fishing and accommodation anywhere in the lake. Depending on which fish you prefer, there are several different places that best suit your needs. The island chain from the main lake to the South Bay is one of the best areas to capture Walleye (Pickerel) and Northern Pike. This extension provides a wide variety of depth changes and lighting conditions, attracting corneal leukoplakia and Pike's many hiding places that will wait patiently for their unwitting prey.

There are over 40 different fishing resorts and cottages along the way. South Bank. Making decisions among them is often a daunting task. By examining the topographic maps of the area, you should be able to determine which resorts are closest to those that look promising and start from there. If you do not have your own boat and need to rent, then you need to make sure that the fishing resort or hotel you are considering offers a boat rental service. You should also make sure that the location you choose has other facilities such as fire pits, barbecues, decks (if possible, screening at certain times of the year), as well as convenient access and good docking and fish cleaning facilities. [19659002] It is important to ensure that you bring fishing rods and tackles to meet your needs. More than 30 pounds of Muskies and Northern Pike are often captured on Nipissing Lake. If you want to catch one of the monsters, you need proper equipment. Some popular temptations include Lundberg Custom Baits "Stalker" and Bondy Lure Co. "Meal Ticket".

The best fishing activities on the Nipissing Lake are generally conducted in late May and early June and in September. At these times of the year, the weather in Lake Nipissing varies greatly, so it's best to bring a variety of clothing options and make sure you have a light and comfortable rain gear.

Whether you are looking for a small family fishing trip or a boy looking for a trophy Muskie, Nipissing Lake is your best fishing destination.

Church Planting – Advancing His Kingdom (Part 2)

The obstacle that this church planting must overcome

When we saw the first church planting, we had overcome several major obstacles. Initially worried about the economic sacrifice of both the mother church and the plantation congregation. We are not sure if one or two congregations will encounter a budget shortfall.

We are also worried that there will be many teachers and leaders with "new brain drain" along with the new factory. Some families interested in becoming part of the factory are reluctant to keep their children away from the sunset youth group. We must also deal with the emotional issues that must be said to be goodbye to the 75 members we know and love.

Our leaders decided that we will make every effort to give both congregations a solid financial foundation. If Union Hill needs to return the money to the sunset, they will do so. If Sunset needs help to subsidize the new work of Union Hill, we will make a commitment to them. It turns out that the sunset can provide 18 acres of gifts for the new congregation and provide their ministers with support for the first year and a half. In addition, we can help them get some start-up costs through a one-time donation. In addition to this early help, they are able to meet all of their own economic needs.

We took the sacrifice steps and gave up some great leaders and workers who believed that God would raise others to fill the gap. He did it! In the year after our first church planting, we took back our numbers and filled all the empty leadership locations. God has promised many times in 1 Corinthians 9:10-11: “Now the seed food for the sower and food will also supply and increase your seed reserves and expand your just harvest. You will change You can be rich in any situation you can be generous…"

We decided to allow youth groups to continue to operate as a group in the first year. The only initial separation is on Sundays or Wednesdays when young people are in their congregations. This is a “weaning” period in which each group begins to form its own identity, especially as the Union Mountain congregation grows and more young people join their group.

It's hard to say goodbye to cherish brothers and sisters, when time finally came out, but we understand that in order to complete this church, all who accept their cross and follow Jesus need to sacrifice.

Continued Part 3

Northern Pike Invades Alaska

Many people think that the northern barracuda is an native species of Alaska. Although this part is true, they are actually considered to be invasive species in the southern and eastern parts of the Alaska Mountains. The illegal stocking of this carnivorous fish is threatening the valuable resources of Alaska's fish habitats and fisheries. Sports fishing like the Alaska fishing hut has brought huge amounts of money to Alaska's economy.

Mainly young salmon and trout, whose population is being destroyed by the appetite and hunting skills of the northern barracuda. If left unchecked, their numbers may be reduced to the point of taking drastic measures. These measures may include things from limiting fishing to poisoning the entire lake, just like Lake Davis in California. Most importantly, not protecting Alaska's native species can have serious consequences for sporting fishermen and will flow to all other ethnic groups and businesses associated with Alaska fishing.

You may ask yourself why other types of fish are not dangerous in parts of the northern part of Alaska where the pike is naturally found. The answer is balance. The ecosystems in these areas are full of other species of fish that survive and thrive with the pike. White, shy, sucker, matsutake, etc. exist. Parker has a natural predator that helps keep the fish in balance. If you have spent a fishing holiday in the Alaska fishing hut in northern Alaska, you will know that there are many other large and aggressive fish and pike.

Naturally found northern pike in the Alaska region, there are many sports fishing. Nothing feels like pulling back your fishing rod and reel and shouting "fishing." These are the big fish that fight the fish. This is Parker's aggressive character, making them useful for artificial baits, spoons, rotators and flies that have some effect on them. The more your bait moves, the more it will stimulate the spear to enter the strike. Think about the bigmouth bass on steroids. We can continue to enjoy this experience in Alaska fishing lodges, charters and tour guides for the next few centuries.

The first priority in the solution is to understand the dangers of illegal stocking. Be careful not to transport the Barracuda or any other fish from one body of water to another. Remember to keep all Pikes in the area at Southcentral Alaska. Your fishing regulations may have more. The second is to take action, so this will not happen again. You can do this by immediately reporting any illegal inventory activities to your local ADF&G office. You can also contact Fish and Wildlife Safeguard at 1-800-478-3377.

Secrets of street beer making!

Beer making is a complex process that requires careful consideration of several steps. Here are some basic ideas that can help you get started with beer making adventures.

The first step in brewing is called malting. Malt soaking involves soaking the grain in water for several days until the grain begins to germinate or germinate. During germination, the enzymes in the grain are converted into a sugar called maltose. At this point in beer making, the grain becomes so-called malt.

After a few days, when most of the starch has been converted to sugar, the malt is heated and dried. The beer making process is called a kiln and prevents the malt from germinating further. A portion of the malt can be further baked to a different depth of color and flavor to produce a different style of beer.

After calcination, the dried malt is processed in a mill which causes the shell to fall off. The broken malt is transferred to a container called a paste bucket and hot water is added. Malt is treaded in a liquid, usually for one to two hours. This brewing process, known as saccharification, breaks down the complex sugars in the grain and releases them into the water, producing a sweet liquid called wort.

In the next step in beer making (referred to as brewing), the wort was transferred to a large brewing kettle and boiled for up to two hours. At this stage of the brewing process, hops are added to the wort to provide a spicy taste and bitterness to balance the sweetness of the wort.

After brewing, the wort is cooled and then filtered to remove hops and other residues. Beer brewing beer transfers the wort to a fermentable container. The first fermentation lasts for several days to two weeks. When the yeast consumes most of the fermentable sugar, the wort becomes beer.

In the past few decades, beer manufacturing has become a major pastime for many people. With proper education and a little practice, your beer making can be a pleasant hobby, bringing you and your friends a wonderful drink.

Chile – South Pacific Gay Adventure

Chile may not be the first destination to think of when you think of a resort in the South Pacific with beautiful beaches and a warm blue ocean. However, this narrow coastal strip wedges between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean – just like a big snake – known as the Republic of Chile, with the most beautiful beaches of South America and the capital city of San Diego is very suitable for homosexuality.

This narrow land borders northern Peru, borders the northeast with Bolivia, borders Argentina with the east, and the Drake Strait at the southernmost tip of the country, stretching 2,700 miles along the southwest coast. South America. At its widest point is only 150 miles deep, and the majestic Andes creates a natural boundary that is separated from neighbouring Argentina and Bolivia. But the diversity of Chile from the banned dry land of the northern Atacama Desert to the vast expanse of the river valley, including vineyards and farmland, as well as the lush Lake District and the southern Patagonian maze, makes this a truly spectacular Adventure resort. Chile has more than 50 active volcanic peaks, virgin forests and fascinating lakes. The climate is mild throughout the year and quickly becomes a new ecological adventure destination in South America.

Most visitors to Chile arrive in the capital city of Santiago, where they can easily travel to different areas and enjoy a unique holiday experience. In addition, in San Diego and nearby Vina del Mar or Valparaiso, you can also find the widest range of gay and gay friendly highlights in this diverse country.

Over the past decade, homophobia has disappeared almost in Chile, and same-sex relationships have disappeared. Legitimate since 1998. The age of consent is 18 years old, but sexual relationships must be carried out in privacy so as not to be considered unethical or indecent. Currently, the Chilean Parliament is considering a law that allows civil union between same-sex couples and several well-known media celebrities and announces support for gay rights. This has led to an increase in the number of gay businesses, especially in San Diego.

The urban renewal of San Diego is evident because the grand new office building is higher than the beautiful century-old manor and Spanish colonial buildings. The CTC Telecom Tower is actually the world's largest mobile phone, dominated the San Diego skyline, in stark contrast to the nearby Bellavista neighbourhood, with narrow streets and an art boutique in the Bohemian quarter. This is a very clean and safe city with many pleasant walks in different tourist and residential areas or in the vast parks.

Any visit to San Diego should begin on the cable car to see the Madonna of San Cristobal on the top of Cerro and observe the city below. Many gay discos and bars are located at Barrio Bellavista at the foot of Cerro San Cristobal. The nearest metro station is Baquedano in Piazza Italia, from which you can pass through Avenue Providencia and then through the Rio Mapocho Bridge, you are in Barrio. Local restaurants, colourful cafes, bars and nightclubs can be found here, one of the most interesting neighborhoods for the most direct and gay tourists in San Diego – it's not a gay neighborhood, but a real integrated area. Other concentrated gay bars are located in the downtown area, a short walk from the beautiful Cerro Santa Lucia Park and close to the pedestrian shopping street. The atmosphere of the neighbourhood bar recommended by some local residents is Bar Willy and Hollandesa and the late night club, Bokhara, Bunker and Fausto are worth visiting. The club usually does not start running around 1:30 am, and the party can last until dawn.

Whether you are exploring the day early or sleeping until noon, the city of San Diego offers a lot of sightseeing and entertainment. . Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino is the best museum in San Diego, with beautiful Spanish art from the entire South American continent. Highlights include a beautiful Central American incense burner, Andean textiles dating back to 3,000 years, and Mayan carvings – no reason to miss. Or you can enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at the stately Mercado Center, surrounded by market stalls filled with sparkling squid and squid, salted oysters, mussels or clams. La Chascona is the home of the Chilean Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda – from Victorian dolls and African carvings to music boxes and paper towns, these weird and beautiful items are packed with scorpions. As a museum, it is a fascinating visit. There is no doubt that the best place to find souvenirs is the lively Los Dominicos market, where you can find a wide variety of beautiful handicrafts as well as antiques, books, fossils, restaurants and live music for weekend dancing. In addition, many Spanish palaces, castles and historic buildings are the dreams of photographers.

After a few days in the capital, it is worthwhile to venture to the Pacific coast to enjoy the sea and more holiday-style holidays. For a short $15, a two-and-a-half-hour car will take you to the old port city of Valparaiso. It will feel like going back to the past and enjoying the old world charm of a real Chilean fishing port and shipping port. The open-air market where historic buildings meet locals has remained unchanged for centuries. Local restaurants and bars will serve authentic local dishes to suit the needs of any discerning traveller. Papa fritas — fried potatoes — is a Chilean specialty, especially in a dish called Chorillana, which is mixed with eggs, onions, beef and sausage. Remember that the ketchup is placed in a green container and the chili sauce is placed in a red container! In Valparaíso you can also find a very modern parliament building, which is the seat of the government. Hanging around the city is a very relaxing and fascinating way to spend a day or two.

It may be time to stretch and relax on the beach. A 15-minute local bus ride from Valparaíso will take you to the resort town of Vina del Mar — Vineyard By The Sea — there are luxury hotels, apartment rentals and bed and breakfasts, surrounded by the Pacific Promenade. One of Chile's largest casinos, the Municipal Casino, is located here and includes a five-star hotel, a disco and a gourmet restaurant.

Also known as Garden City, with numerous parks and more than 2.5 miles of sandy beaches, Vina del Mar is a popular resort town where visitors can enjoy warm summers, beautiful fall colors, exquisite spring flowers and spectacular Year-round sunset. Local GLBT residents and visitors frequent three beaches – Caleta Abarca, Los Marineros and Las Salinas – which are popular with the local Marines! If you are confused about the name "Vina", you will feel a sense when you taste the famous local year in Chile. This seaside resort is perfect for relaxing and experiencing a true Chilean holiday.

Accommodations from all over Chile range from backpackers' leisure venues to modern luxury hotels and everything in between – the prices are very reasonable. However, full gay accommodation is hard to find. The gay-friendly Hotel La Foresta is ideally located in the heart of Santiago, close to the GLBT nightlife, on the edge of Cerro Santa Lucia Park. The rooms are spacious and inexpensive, the staff are very helpful and have a good understanding of the gay scene. Hotel Castillo is a gay guest house built in 1920. The interior is designed like a castle and is adjacent to the Bokhara disco. If you like to be at night – sometimes during the day – the place is more adequate, the room is cheap.

It is worth noting that Chilean tourists in Canada need to purchase an entry visa for approximately $120.00 (accepted credit card), valid for your passport. However, this admission fee was offset by the very low cost of living and extremely cheap dining and entertainment throughout Chile.

Therefore, in the world's longest and narrowest country, famous for its copper, squid and fine wines, it is a unique gay South American experience and a Pacific coast holiday filled with unique gay Latin memories

A good place in Toronto

There are many places to visit in Toronto, Canada. Some people think it is the most multicultural city in the world. It welcomes settlers and tourists, has many attractions and landmarks to surprise you and offers great facilities, services and transportation. Multilingual signage on the road always makes people feel good, and flights from other places to Toronto are sure to be popular. The basic language here is English, but there are also culturally specific settlements, and the community speaks their language. More than half of Canadians are foreign-born immigrants.

The Toronto Zoo has three broad sections, rarely in Africa, North America and South America. This is a great place for a half-day trip, and families will especially like this experience. Another exotic place where you can take a cheap flight to Doron is the Black Creek Pioneer Village. This is a 19th-century village with forty ancient Victorian buildings. There are actors dressed as villagers, you can find the right guide, you can correctly show you the actual content of each building.

If you need more reasons to take a cheap flight to Toronto; this is a good city for a walk; this place is eclectic and is also known as the city within the park. There are miles of parks, streams and rivers that make this metropolis even fresher. Edwards Gardens and the Toronto Botanical Garden are great places to start exploring nature. No wonder so many people are flying cheap flights to Toronto just for a pleasant trip, especially in the summer.

People go to the Rogers Center to watch their favorite sports, concerts, truck shows and more. From the nearby CN Tower and the beautiful weather, it won't get better. The CN Tower is a special tower because it is the second tallest structure in North America. You reach the top through the glass floor elevator, which may make some people feel terrible, but it offers an amazing view of the city skyline. The top is a revolving restaurant, which is a unique and fun concept that rotates the view from the top of the city. Cheap flights to Toronto are a great way to travel, except for cruises that can be directly through the Port of Toronto. There are many beaches in the Georgian Bay area in the north of Toronto. There are also many places near the beach, with amusement parks and beach-like attractions. People are attracted to these out-of-town gatherings and enjoy a fun and relaxing experience, and now must fly to Toronto.

Looking for Deckhand opportunities around the world

Deckhands for luxury yachts can travel around the world. In addition, when they are not working, they can enjoy the excitement and often the exotic port. But if you are just looking for a deck job opportunity, where are you going?

The simple answer is: where large yachts go. You may find large and superyachts in almost any location with good coastline and good port facilities. For example, if you are in the United States, you might encounter some of the billionaire luxury cruises at the berths of Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York or Miami, to name a few.

In order to find the best chance to find opportunities, you must go to a place where large yachts gather in large numbers. This means that first the Mediterranean port, followed by the Caribbean port. These are also ports with active shooting agencies that work to fill the crew on these large ships.

The greatness of Mediterranean yacht ports is that many of them are close to each other. Even if your travel budget is tight and time is tight, you won't find it difficult to see some of them in a short time. My favorite place: Saint Tropez, France. This is the practice of the world headquarters of the Superyacht Group. Other great yacht ports include Nice, Cannes, Barcelona and Ibiza, just to scratch the surface of the western Mediterranean. There are also many wonderful yacht ports in the eastern Mediterranean.

North Americans are more likely to have access to the Caribbean Sea. Traveling from port to port is a bit more difficult than in the Mediterranean – you can't take a train or bus from one island to another – but that only means you will spend more time on a boat or another boat In any case, this is one of your goals (the other is landing on the ship work ).

If you can't go to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, don't despair. If you live anywhere near the ocean coast, you can find a chance on the deck. It is not necessarily on a superyacht, but there are a large variety of vessels that require crew members. Regardless of the type of vessel, let your feet wet on the boat (so to say) and serve as a gateway to the temporary work of the Dream Yacht.

North Carolina's pet-friendly vacation

Summer is nearby, sometimes you have planned your holiday. If you are like most pet parents, it may be hard to imagine not having your pet on vacation. So don't even think about that idea. With so many pet-friendly accommodations, it's easy to plan a trip that includes your pet. After all, your pet is part of the family and also describes a holiday.

Whether you're planning a relaxing holiday on the beach or an adventurous mountain trip, North Carolina offers a variety of experiences for you and your furry mate. Many pet-friendly accommodations not only provide all the facilities you would expect while on the go, but also provide special facilities for your pet. While North Carolina has many pet-friendly accommodation options, the following are just a few of the pet-friendly accommodations of this beautiful state.

  1. Barkwells Vacation Retreat – Located in the heart of the Blues Mountains of the Mills River, Barkwells has 7 pet-friendly luxury rental cabins with over 8 acres of fenced grass. You and your dog can play on the grass or simply relax on the porch overlooking the pond. Don't worry: welcome your dog to play in the pond, swim and play with his heart. Each cottage has a gated porch, dog door and fenced yard, so if you leave on the same day, your dog can play or snorkel in a safe environment.
  2. Brindley Beach Vacations – Conola is conveniently located in the Outer Bank of North Carolina, Brindley Beach offers over 130 pet-friendly holiday homes and dogs. Play with your dog on the beach, watch him play on the beach, surf, swim in the sea or chase crabs. After a day at the beach, take a relaxing stroll on the nearby bike/slow track and relax, ideal for a walk.
  3. Fire Mountain Inn – Located a few miles outside of Highlands, this secluded mountain resort offers luxurious pet-friendly cottages with stunning views. You and your dog can run and play on over 50 acres of open-air pastures and meadows. If you feel more adventurous, explore the hiking trails on the top of Fire Mountain at an altitude of over 4,000 feet.
  4. Hidden Creek Cabins – These pet-friendly cottages for rent, located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Bryson City, provide a fantastic experience for you and your pet. Dogs like to walk, so it's no secret to wear your walking shoes and explore the hiking and walking trails that are designated as pet-friendly. Or visit the island park in the city centre and enjoy a picnic. Cats are also welcome at Hidden Creek Cabins.
  5. William&Garland Motel – This small, family-run pet motel is located in the Salter Path Dunes Natural Area in Salter Path, in the middle of Bogue Banks on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Spend a relaxing day at the beach, play with your four-legged friends or take a stroll in the pet design area of ​​the motel. The motel also welcomes cats.
  6. Duke Tower Hotel&Condominiums – This pet-friendly hotel is located in Durham, minutes from Duke University. Enjoy the sights in this beautiful area, after a day of fun-filled activities, take your dog and walk across the street from the hotel on the American Tobacco Trail. You can also explore the walking trails of Duke University’s East Campus, which allows dogs. The hotel also welcomes cats.

Plan to take some preparations with your pet vacation, so do your homework to make sure that the pet-friendly property you want to stay is a great fit for you and your pet. To learn more about these and other pet-friendly hotels and accommodations in North Carolina, visit Doing a little research will ensure that you and your pet have a fun and safe holiday, and you will create memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.