New Pass BBQ in Sarasota, Florida – Best Fish and Chips

The taste of the bait shop, crispy, crunchy, French fries, squid and seafood bites.

My favorite magazine, Coastal Living, published my secret seafood diving, which was really exciting.

A real beach lodge, I did not deliberately mention it on our website. I want to taste everything for myself. But now, about the new channel barbecue in Sarasota, Florida… between the Lido and the long boat keys… on the way to the accused Mott Museum and Aquarium.

The locals used this kind of leisure, in 1929, bargaining for barefoot beaches as a bait shop. Next to the fresh fish cafe is the City Island bait store. You can buy bait, fishing, charter captains, charter boats, nature walks, buy oyster knives, picnics, borrow books and taste the best casual coastal cuisine in Sarasota.

I like breakfast… fresh eggs, made fresh, crispy bacon, melted cheese and freshly brewed coffee on the bread. I sat on the wooden bench, watching the birds and the seagulls, and the silverfish jumped up.

Lunch, because of the long line of the season, is the award-winning burger and the coldest beer in town.

Coastal life does not mark the real special… old British fish and chips, three rich plump, squid crispy fries with delicious malt vinegar, lemon and chutney (not needed).

If a person lives in England, then only one thing is gone. This fish was not wrapped in the London Times.