Archie's Pub and Eatery in Depel, Wisconsin

I have lunch at Archie's Pub and Eatery in East De Pere. As you walk in, you will see a large store front window, and once you enter, you will notice a very large strip bar. The lighting is very dim because there are no lights above the table or above the ceiling. Across the top of the bar are some flat-screen TVs, and there are many different game consoles and various bar badges hanging on the walls throughout the building. The most different and interesting focus of the bar is their ceiling tiles. They display collages of various pictures and objects, with no appearance theme.

There is no music to play, only the TV is transferred to various sports channels. The server was friendly, bought me a menu and asked if I wanted a drink. After bringing me soda, she told me the special price for lunch that day. Archie's menu includes a variety of pizzas, soups, salads, burgers, burritos and Panini's. I decided to try a special product called Bag of Fish and Chips for $8.95. It is described as a half-pound lightly grilled salmon fillet, and the French fries are stuffed into a brown bag that you just need to tear open. There is no plate for this meal, and you don't have to ask (even if you say hello). Well, this sounds like a unique and interesting idea, but unfortunately, this description sounds better than when it is served.

I folded a medium-sized brown paper bag together and laid it flat on my desk. I was offered malt vinegar. There are also ketchup, mustard and extra napkins on the table. When I ripped open the bag, it contained 3 to 4 pre-frozen breaded fried fillets with lots of medium-sized chopped French fries and 2 small plastic containers of Tata sauce. The French fries in front of the bag are very crisp, and the fish fillet tastes like a frozen fish fillet: inferior. Be careful, because they nailed the bag, I found a staple in the bag but couldn't find the second. When I ate, the French fries at the bottom of the bag were soaked. I noticed that Archie offered a dollar burger on Tuesday and had a wide variety of beers.