[Chinese Restaurant Review] Flushing Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant

When is "B" the second best result you can get? Speaking of Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant! Just like the second highest evaluation reached by the Chinese mission! Since you can get a "B" for other reasons, you only need to check out our Twitter feed, @TheChineseQuest.

After two months of interruption, in the winter, it seems that it will never end in the New York City metropolitan area, Mee's to go on the road tonight. Special attention was paid to Mee Tsu Yan's delicious intestines at this time. We deliberately chose a Chinese restaurant with Cantonese cuisine.

Once again searching for the best Chinese restaurants around, we once again ventured through the Nassau border to Flushing, New York. At this point, we must consider rating the Flushing restaurant instead of the Long Island restaurant, because it is clear that Flushing restaurants now occupy four of our top five Quests to find the best on all Long Island. Chinese Restaurant.

Our destination is:

Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant

136-14 38th Avenue

Flushing, NY 11354 [19659002] Tonight our special guest is the most distinguished Mee Har Vee, a world-abandoned wine connoisseur, or a sommelier, a delicious person, and a kind guy. A real man, if we have seen one. a character. And the boy we know the characters!

Darren is our master. I swear that this guy could have been juggling! What better way to resonate with the Jews than to be fun and handsome. We are looking for a real treat (and indeed, the Health Council has a "B" rating on the restaurant, we can rest assured).

We left all the orders to him… We left the wine selection to Mee Har Vee…more on this later.

When Darren (we are not sure if this is his real name or a stage name), cook three appetizers, including our ribs (so), crispy Beijing roast duck (yum- Mee), and a crispy Chicken dishes, our meal started.

The first of five wine choices with Mee Har Vee, called the "Seven Daughters." Now we are six people, we are a bit confused. What do the extra daughters do at our table? Then he explained that the seven children represented seven different grapes mixed together to make the most delicious white wine. There are four other wines. Beat what we call. I was only then… well, back to the comments.

So, after the appetizer is well settled in our stomach, it is time for Darren (this is his name, right?) recommend our main course. There are four to five spectacular choices with some incredible sauces. Nothing is hot. However, it is very juicy.

My favorite is the five pound lobster in garlic and ginger sauce.

There are some steak pieces (kew?)… melted in your mouth. The scallops are like butter. Another chicken dish, and the house special fried rice.

As a real, authentic Chinese restaurant, there are no fortune cookies for the desert (sorry, you have to pick your lottery number from other places), but the sweetest juicy orange I am ' It has been a long time.

At Flushing, you can go to hundreds of Chinese restaurants. This is something you definitely don't want to miss.

Humbly submits consumption,

-Lonnie Goldman, also known as Mee Magnum ( "Chop! Chop!" )