Las Vegas Steak Status

It is difficult to beat the taste of the steak. The steak is not only superimposed on the taste, but also versatile. From hot sirloin to juicy strips, steak is America's favorite meat. Known for its diversity of preparation, it can be paired with many different types of foods and beverages. Although the steak has never been outdated, it has recently become a meat requirement as evidenced by the explosion of the National Steakhouse.

The steakhouse evolved from the traditional "seal house" of the late 1700s and 1800s, and today they are more popular than ever. People like to go out to eat steak, and their endless appetite for this delicacies makes it the most orderly food on the menu. Today's diners want a mouth-watering taste, quality quality and overall culinary experience, and they are willing to pay a premium for it. Selling steaks has greatly affected the bottom line. It produces higher sales prices than most meats and increases the overall profitability of restaurant operations.

I talked to the chefs and general managers of several successful Las Vegas steakhouses who explained the difference between good steak and steak. Although they all bring their own personality, creativity and special talent to the menu, basically they have not changed the way they prepare the steak, because there is no need… Less is…you The less you make to the steak, the more delicious it is.

AJ's, at the Hard Rock Hotel, will take you back to the past. It offers a little nostalgia for Las Vegas. I spoke with Executive Chef Tom McGrath, who attributed the success of the restaurant to "becoming part of the Hard Rock Hotel experience." “We have attracted a group of fashionable young people who are suitable for this theme. We offer a great menu. Our steaks are dry, 100% Prime. We season with our own special steak sauce and then burn them. Perfect. The signature dish is two perfectly baked 4 ounces. Garlic chopped potatoes, caramelized onions and black demiglaze. If you like the rich mouthwatering steak, AJ is the place."

ENVY, in Las Vegas The Renaissance Garth Hotel is a refined steakhouse definition; it offers a menu tailored to those who really appreciate the steak. Chef Bradley Manchester said that the key to their successful menu is the seasoning. “These are ingredients, know where these ingredients come from and know how to use them in the most efficient way. All our steaks are Prime. We have our own company that ages our steaks. Our most popular steak is 18 ounces of New York and 22 ounces of bone ribbed eyes. We use French sea salt and roasted fragrant peppers to season the steak. Telacherry pepper gives it a black pepper flavor, but not the heat from black pepper. We cook the steak on both sides at high temperatures. Basically we put the steak on the grill on the open fire and then we left them there. We won't make a lot of pokes or turns. We also offer a killer seafood and dessert one ' adult' We are all creating food for good people. "

GALLAGHER'S STEAKHOUSE is located in New York – New York Hotel, one of the best steakhouses in the United States. Opened in New York City in 1927, this intimate and welcoming restaurant is an original legendary steakhouse and an ideal place for carnivores. “We really didn’t change the way we prepare steaks,” said Aaron Restaurants’s executive chef Damien McEvoy. “We don't need to be effective because we prepare them. We wet our meat for 90-120 days in Cryovac, then remove the meat and dry it for 18-20 days. This process breaks down the muscle tissue and enhances the taste of the steak. It is tender and delicious, there is no need to change it!"

LES ARTISTES STEAK HOUSE, at the Paris Hotel. This exquisite French restaurant is the “big steak”, says former chef Ken Bozzo. “Les Artistes is based on Prime steaks, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, and then baked to perfection. The signature steak is a 16-ounce bone mignon steak with a strip of salt and salted Prime Rib in New York. Big and bone This is the way to go." General Manager Maitre'd, James Valdez said: “Les Artistes is one of the few high-end boutique steakhouses specializing in French-California style. We also make traditional seasonings and Oscar-style steaks and fillets.” Les Artistes The steak is large and tender with a French touch.

The Palm Shop at Forum Shops in Caesars Palace is a favorite of locals and tourists alike, and often hosts Who's Who in Las Vegas. When I called my old friend Steve Schirripa (aka Bobby Bacala, The Sopranos), I wish him a happy birthday. The irony is that he planned to celebrate at The Palm that night. “The palm tree is one of my favorite restaurants,” Schirripa said. “I like the atmosphere here. The food is always delicious, they are all steaks. This part is very big and delicious. I can always count on it to be consistent”. General Manager Larry Close explains why their steaks are always delicious and consistent. “Our steaks are fed with Midwestern Prime. First, they are moisturized and dried for at least 35 days. We season the steak with a little olive oil and Jewish salt. Our steaks stand up so they don't need to be over-flavored.”

NERO's, located in the Caesars Palace Hotel, has recently been refurbished in both the restaurant and the kitchen. “We gave the restaurant a facelift to make it more modern and sleek,” said Executive Chef Shawn Griffin, who prepared a juicy steak for the emperor. Nero's is synonymous with incredible steaks, and Sean chef explains why. “I am passionate and respectful about food and all its related things, and I have an excellent team with the same feeling. We offer the best quality meat, seafood and produce during their peak season. If you start incredible The product, it maintains its integrity. The finished result is a wonderful thing. Our steak is Prime, we dry them under the premise, and let us completely control the aging process. The new trend of the menu is ours Steaks from Point Reyes Blue Cheese and Bone Marrow Crusts to Chimichuri and 3 pepper sauces have different ingredients and sauces. For those looking for incredible decadence, I recommend using Liquid Foie Gras sauce; it exceeds Top! Our signature steak is Rib Eye “Lollipop”; a 32-ounce steak with a bone that is reminiscent of what will be there when dinner at Flinstones. When we bring it to the table, this is a very Big topic. “Nero Restaurant offers a variety of quality steaks that cater to all of us steak lovers.

Since its opening in November 2001, the N9NE Steakhouse in The Palms Hotel has been a “fashion hotspot” for locals and tourists alike. This stylish and popular steakhouse offers a delicious Chicago steak menu that reflects the culinary talent of Executive Chef Barry Dakake and his team. Chef Barry contributed two reasons for the success of his restaurant: “The first is consistency and two, and there is good leadership in front of the house and behind the house. This comes from our owners. They are the most in town. Good owner, this is a complete package. "I asked Barry chef about his steak preparation. “Our steaks are only Prime and Wet Age of the US Department of Agriculture. We won't dry or marinate them. We season with salt and pepper and then bake in a 600 degree oven. Our signature steak is pepper baked bone – double Rib eye. Very tasty. "I used his menu to ask him about new trends. “We are intimate with our customers.” We always want to know what they like. Recently we have been using 16 ounces of bone viscera. The bones add flavor. It is very popular with our customers.” I also spoke with Chef Michael Kornick, who opened his first N9NE restaurant in Chicago in April 2000. “Steakhouses are a huge attraction for those looking for food in impulse and enjoyment. People see the value of a delicious steak and N9NE. The great steak is paired with the finest ingredients. We enjoy it in town. High reputation because we have a commitment to quality.