Kentucky Derby Party Plan

In Kentucky and around the world, the Kentucky Derby has millions of people enjoying it. If you can spend "the greatest two minutes of sports" in Louisville, there will be a lot of activity and excitement. If you can't be with us, we invite you to enjoy the Kentucky Derby with traditional local cuisine and the great Kentucky Derby party ideas.

Whether it's your first derby or you're an experienced professional, we're all looking to help you get the real Kentucky flavor for Kentucky Decade, and for Kentucky food, fun and friends Give suggestion.

Planning Your Kentucky Derby Party Menu

The menu is the most creative part of the Kentucky Derby Party program. To alleviate the last minute of work, planning and selecting Kentucky food in advance can be frozen or refrigerated one day or longer.

Buffet service seems to be the most popular during the Kentucky Derby competition, as it is an easy way to entertain the most friends with minimal space and help. The hotel offers a traditional buffet dinner where guests can dine at home and be imprisoned. Buffet dinner, guests can enjoy a meal at the dining table.

For Kentucky food, we recommend:


Kentucky dill powder in hollow bread round
Pop's Pepper Jelly with cream cheese About Cookies

Main Course:

Uncle John's Rib
Kentucky Burgo
Kentucky Hot Brown
Barbecue Beef, Pork or Chicken
Country Ham and Beaten Biscuits
Sour Mash Kentucky Bourbon Bread


Derby Pie
Kentucky Bourbon Candies
Mom Blakeman's Pulled Candy
Bauer' s Modjeskas


Mint Juleps
Kentucky Bourbon
Sweetened Iced Tea

Planning your Kentucky Derby party decoration [19659016] Meet your guests with Mint Juleps.

  • Use sterling silver for dinner or buffet.
  • Decorate the table with red roses.
  • Use red as much as possible to highlight your party.
  • A horseshoe shaped mold was used.
  • Place a large horse sculpture in the center of the table, decorated with green plants and roses.
  • If you are entertaining informally, please use the logo to decorate your home. A sign on the closet door labeled Paddock, marked as Watering Hold's bar, on the kitchen door marked with an infield, the restaurant serves as a clubhouse and TV room as a stand. Toilet doors may be marked as studs and mares. The Derby Parking Only sign is perfect for a driveway or street.
  • We hope that these tips will help your Kentucky Decade success.