Tazo Tea – History and Products

Tazo Tea was founded in 1994 by Steve Smith. Steve sold the company to Starbucks in 1999. Today you can't walk into Starbucks and even many convenience stores without paying attention to Tazo tea. You can buy Tazo teas in a variety of flavors. All of these fall into one of four categories: black, green, oolong tea or white. All of this comes from tea trees and tea trees. They are handled differently. Each variety contains coffee and therefore does not specifically point out that it does not, but you can reduce the amount of caffeine in ordinary tea: just pour boiling water on the tea, then inject for 45 seconds, then pour out the water for one second. time. Tazo has a range of caffeine-free teas, including the following flavors: Brambleberry, Lemon Ginger, Simple Red and Wild Orange.

The American Kosher Supervisory Authority certified Tazo products to be Kosher. You can find the KSA certification mark on any Tazo package. Tazo products are also gluten-free minus the following varieties: Green Ginger, Tazo, Honeybush, Lemon Ginger and Tea Lemonade. Tazo has recently become a member of the Ethical Tea Partner (ETP). ETP is an alliance of tea packers who are working together to improve the sustainability of the tea industry. ETP aims to improve the life of tea workers and to ensure that tea drinkers can be confident that the tea in their cups is produced in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

Tazo is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Each year, they provide grants to local groups selected by Tazo employees. Tazo also provides in-kind pledges to non-profit organizations that meet certain tax requirements. They focus on supporting organizations that support AIDS promotion, education, arts and literature, the environment, diversity and children's issues.