Church Planting – Advancing His Kingdom (Part 2)

The obstacle that this church planting must overcome

When we saw the first church planting, we had overcome several major obstacles. Initially worried about the economic sacrifice of both the mother church and the plantation congregation. We are not sure if one or two congregations will encounter a budget shortfall.

We are also worried that there will be many teachers and leaders with "new brain drain" along with the new factory. Some families interested in becoming part of the factory are reluctant to keep their children away from the sunset youth group. We must also deal with the emotional issues that must be said to be goodbye to the 75 members we know and love.

Our leaders decided that we will make every effort to give both congregations a solid financial foundation. If Union Hill needs to return the money to the sunset, they will do so. If Sunset needs help to subsidize the new work of Union Hill, we will make a commitment to them. It turns out that the sunset can provide 18 acres of gifts for the new congregation and provide their ministers with support for the first year and a half. In addition, we can help them get some start-up costs through a one-time donation. In addition to this early help, they are able to meet all of their own economic needs.

We took the sacrifice steps and gave up some great leaders and workers who believed that God would raise others to fill the gap. He did it! In the year after our first church planting, we took back our numbers and filled all the empty leadership locations. God has promised many times in 1 Corinthians 9:10-11: “Now the seed food for the sower and food will also supply and increase your seed reserves and expand your just harvest. You will change You can be rich in any situation you can be generous…"

We decided to allow youth groups to continue to operate as a group in the first year. The only initial separation is on Sundays or Wednesdays when young people are in their congregations. This is a “weaning” period in which each group begins to form its own identity, especially as the Union Mountain congregation grows and more young people join their group.

It's hard to say goodbye to cherish brothers and sisters, when time finally came out, but we understand that in order to complete this church, all who accept their cross and follow Jesus need to sacrifice.

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